{best of} 2012 Bride + Groom

Sorry for taxing your bandwidth with this blog post, but it was hard to narrow down my favorite Bride + Groom photos from 2012. I love them all! Stay tuned, because we’re going to end this “best of” romp with some uber fun reception photos!

Becky H - I can’t wait to see what magical pictures you produce in 2013 :) I love every one of these! So much emotion portrayed in them! A man of true talent! I am so excited!!

Shahed - Fab set of images- have an even greater 2013!

Josh Jones - Absolutely incredible images Todd! Always a source of inspiration/motivating to push the limits!

Andy Hastings - Truly an inspiration. Mr. Laffler, you are a master.

Mike Prasad - C’mon seriously! Todd your photographs are absolutely stunning and It’s scary to think you’re getting even better. Fantastic, keep it up!

Cours Dessin - This serie is so GREAT.
I can’t even believe it.
What a great job you have done.
What beautiful couples you got.

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{best of} 2012 Ceremony

More favorites from 2012. This time from the ceremony part of the day. Enjoy!

Lies - Absolutely amazing….

katrina - Inspiring, funny, sweet, clever, stunning and beautiful collection …. amazing work Todd!

Oscar Villatoro - Amazing work ! Your mastery of catching the moment and COMPOSITION is truly inspiring ! You are my new hero !

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{best of} 2012 Prep

Next are a few of my favorites from the prep stage of the wedding day. Enjoy!

maureen cassidy - You are the best! Really so incredible! Your clients are so lucky and they know it! Fantastic work!

David Chandler - Busy and madly talented is quite the fantastic combination. Bravo!

Andree - That was ONE YEAR? You are a machine of talent.

Erik Lindegren - You’re Good You!!!!

Lanny Mann - Damn you’re good. So good it hurts!

Marilyn Millard - Wow! You captured so many priceless expressions, truly amazing!

andrew - Some great stuff there – amazing

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{best of} 2012 details

Next up are a few rings-n-things from 2012.

Rebecca K - Totally sick – in a good way.

Sarah Corbett - Todd Laffler you are King of Details.

Ben - All I can say is…WOW. These are amazing!

Dhaval - Awesome Tod!

Dennis Berti - Amazing Todd, creativity 100%!!!!

Todd Laffler - Thanks!!!!

Kristin - wow…you are pretty good at this “photography thing”. LOVE!

katrina - SWEET!

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Danielle + John

Danielle + John were amazing troopers! It was pretty cold out on their wedding day, not to mention the biting wind, but both of them stuck it out and ventured outside for some photos. Thanks for that guys! And despite a few residual hiccups from Hurricane Sandy, such as Danielle’s parents house still not having power, which is where Danielle was going to get ready, plus having to move the ceremony from the church to their venue, they made the best of it, and in the end I don’t think it matters where things happen, love is love! I had a great day photographing your wedding guys, thank you for entrusting me with your day. Congratulations!

Denis - furiously magical!!!!!!!!!

John - best wedding ever!!!!!

Danielle - Todd, we can’t thank you enough for capturing our day so perfectly! The photos are amazing. We are so grateful for your hard work before, during and after our special day. Not even Hurricane Sandy could stop you! -Danie & John

Dennis Berti - So many amazing PJ moments Todd. Congrats!

damon - you make amazing photography, thank you for sharing!

Tyler - Those silhouette shots are amazing! I wish more photographers took advantage of that trick. Super cool!

Andrew Rankin - Great stuff – thanks for sharing

Sara Reeve - Ooooh such very beautiful photographs – you capture the most incredible emotional moments. Love!

Sarah Corbett - I love this wedding!

ANDRES PENABAD - Thank you for capturing the essence of my daughter’s wedding! You are just amazing!

Roberta Robins - These pictures are truly GREAT… you’ve captured soooo much beautiful/real emotion(s). I wish I had you as the photographer at my wedding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aric Hoek - This is my first time on your site, and I must say I love your irk. Going to hang out for a bit and read a bit more.

I love the fact that you didn’t retouch out the ac vent from the man’s head.

Harry Who - Amazing images. You have the amazing ability to connect with your subject and a great timing.


juya - Amazing!!!!!!!!!

katrina - CRAAAAAZY good!

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Michelle + Vin

I photographed Michelle + Vin’s e-session several months ago, so it was no surprise that these two like to have fun together! It was also then that I found out that their wedding colors were one of my favorite combinations, orange and grey. Come on, look at my logo! I also knew that I loved shooting at their venue, Bonnet Island Estate in Long Beach Island NJ. What I didn’t realize so much at the time was that Michelle + Vin’s wedding was literally the quiet before the storm. The day after their wedding, Hurricane Sandy ripped through the East Coast, leaving a path of destruction in her wake. While Sandy was an incredibly destructive force and caused SO much devastation and sadness, at least Michelle + Vin got to experience an amazing day prior. Thank you for letting me be there to witness it. Congratulations!

molly stillman - your photography never ceases to absolutely amaze me. this is gorgeous!

Joe - Fantastic photos, Todd!

MANEL TAMAYO - You’re ON FIRE Todd !!!

Sarah Corbett - ON FIRE is right! Smokin hot. Marvelous work, Todd.

pamela - holy shit! Just when I’m sitting here, yet again, amazed at your talent, you hit us with that last image! Spectacular!!

Jamelle Kelly - So fun! What a great venue.

Syed - Just amazed by the awesomeness of the photos !!

Tumbleweed Photography Studio - There are are so many things I love about these pictures, where to start! I love her big giant Orange poppy flowers what a cleaver twist on a traditional bouquet. I love the vintage beach pics at the beginning. I love the candid kid pics thrown in the mix. Needless to say I love these wedding pics!

Aric Hoek - I love the image looking down on the couple laying on the benches. And of course, the last image has great creativity and impact

don - Graphically Wonderfully told wedding!!!

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