Saint John

My wife surprised me with a little get away for our 10th year wedding anniversary! We are staying at Caneel Bay in Saint John. This is truly an awesome resort. The location, service, and food are all top notch. We decided to take our daughter Zoe with us and we are glad we did, we are all having so much fun together. The water is AMAZING! Most of our days are spent snorkeling and kayaking and sipping pina colada’s in the turquoise water. Thank you honey, you ROCK!

Here’s a shot I took from our room.
Zoe is loving vacation!

They have these wild donkeys roaming around the resort.
Ok, back to the vivid colors!

Susan and Zoe relaxing by the water.

Kim - Even though there’s no way I’d squeeze this 39-weeks-pregnant body into a swimming suit right now, I’m totally jealous. Looks amazing!

We miss you back in Jersey, though!!

jeff tisman - damn todd, this certainly beats a family portrait!! ( ha, ha!)

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Lauren + Jason

Well, another great wedding today! I feel like a broken record saying that, but it’s true! Do you guys even remember records? And wasn’t it the record player, not the record that was broken? Someone stop me. All records aside, Lauren and Jason had a beautiful wedding today! Everything went so smoothly too, maybe somewhat due to Lauren’s type A personality, I don’t know, I’m just saying! Actually, I only learned of this through Lauren’s sister’s speech at the reception. I thought Lauren was very relaxed and easy going the entire day. Not that type A personalities are uptight and hard to deal with, I’ll just stop there before I get myself into trouble! Congratulations guys and enjoy your honeymoon in Hawaii! Their reception was held at the Molly Pitcher Inn in Red Bank NJ.

I met up with Lauren and her bridesmaids at the Jonathan Salon in Red Bank for a few photosI couldn’t decide which one I liked better….…so I’m posting both! How cute are they!?
After the ceremony, we headed over to Riverside Gardens Park for some photos.We took this one later on at dusk.Lauren and Jason’s first dance together.And Lauren’s first dance with her father.One of my favorites of the day.

andy stenz - the photos of them at dusk are beautiful. the catchlights look big (not bad, just reverse engineering here…) are you using a softbox there?

Onada - Gorgeous gorgeous images!

Todd - Andy, thank you so much. I used a canon 580EX fired into an umbrella, triggered via pocket wizards.

Onada, thanks! :)

jessica m. - Beautiful!! I LOVE the lighting!

corey civetta - Gorgeous work – love your style! That shoe shot is too cool!

Mona - The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You both look amazing and I love the pictures at dusk too (although the PSU group shot is very awesome as well!) :)

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Agnes + Warren

I could easily describe today in just one word, and only using three letters…WOW! I met up with Agnes and Warren at Washington Square Park today to do their engagement session. They picked the New York University area because that is where they both went to college and also first met one another. Agnes is actually finishing up her MBA there next year…go Agnes! They are such an awesome couple, and I sincerely had a blast photographing and just hanging out with them. Folks, the following photos are the result of having a bulletproof equation : Awesome couple + great location + plenty of time + good light + my camera = stunning photos! Enjoy! Oh, and be sure to check out the slide show I made at the bottom of this entry too!

This is one of my favorites of the day.

I can not tell a lie, the original shot had the letters “N R W” in the yellow circles, but I wasn’t satisfied with that, so I changed them to “W & A” Warren & Agnes!

Warren spots Agnes walking towards him…

…gets her to sit down and chat with him…

…and the next thing you know, he’s giving her piggy back rides!

Warren, in front of “his” building!

I’m so mean, Agnes was about to pass out from starvation, so we were heading to the local pizza place when I spotted this sliver of sunlight. I just had to get this shot. Don’t worry, Agnes is just fine!

birgit - I’ve wanted to say this for a long time, todd – you do such a great job! I love to see the pics, and they always look different.

Naqib (qippy) - Hey…I’ve been viewing your website quite a bit…I like this new set of pics you have just u mentioned before it is shot mostly with amibient is this set also the same case?anyway do check out my new blog if you have the time

Todd - Brigit, thank you! :)

Thanks Naqib. Yes, this was all shot with just natural available light, no flash.

Warren - Hi Todd,
These pictures are wonderful!! Can’t wait to see the whole set. =)

Sarah Q - These are AWESOME! I looooooove love love the vibe. They look like such a fun couple. Now I’m jealous and wanna fly to NYC :)

Anonymous - Hi Todd,

I love the slideshow. You did a wonderful job capturing all the fun we had during the shoot and I really appreciate the thought you put into putting together a set that flows well. You can’t see but I have a huge smile on my face looking at these pictures.

Thanks so much,

Melissa O - Your images have such a great connection between the couple. I love that you photographed them interacting with each other and not your camera. Beautiful work, very inspiring.

Melissa O.

Todd - Agnes, I’m so glad you enjoyed them! It really was my pleasure watching you guys be in love! Keep smiling!

Todd - Sarah, the funny thing is that we only walked within a 2 block radius! I don’t like getting into the city, but man I sure do love photographing there!

Melissa, thank you so much! Yeah, I’ve found that most people don’t make cute googly eyes specifically for my camera…well, except for maybe me, but that’s another story! :)

corey civetta - LOVE your work / style. Awesome stuff!

Melissa Papaj - Wow! Todd you are amazing! Beautiful work! I aspire to be as good as you!

Rosie Parsons - Fantastic shoot! I love the subway one especially!

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Zoe and the Zoo

Today I took my daughter Zoe to the Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange. We had SO much fun today! We rode this cool train they had, saw some awesome animals, Zoe went on the carousel twice, played on the slide, had a blast with the water misters throughout the zoo (it was really hot today), fed some goats, and of course got ice cream! Thanks for a great day at the Zoo Zoe!

I love this shot of Zoe taking a picture of me using her camera!
I love how proud she is of this shot that she took. It’s hard to tell, but it’s a picture of my feet and shins!

Zoe’s new passion, orienteering! So what if the map is upside down!

Here she is chasing some mist from one of the water misters they had throughout the zoo.

Apparently Zoe wasn’t the only one who was hot today!

Zoe loved going down this slide.

I kid you not, this is a photo of two turtles fornicating, granted it’s SEVERELY cropped!
Ok, this one wasn’t taken at the Zoo, but I wanted to throw it in because I like it so much.

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Melissa + Michael

Have you ever been to a wedding where they had dueling pianos at the reception? I haven’t either, well, until tonight that is. This was a really fun wedding to photograph. And as soon as we wrapped up our photo session after the ceremony, the skies opened up! We didn’t get a drop on us! Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the BAsking Ridge Country Club. Congratulations Melissa and Michael, enjoy your honeymoon!

Tyler here was the ring bearer today. Despite needing a little help going down the aisle, and not having any shoes on, the rings did arrive safely!




Melissa all ready to go.

And what’s a wedding without cigars?


Melissa making her way down the aisle.




Michael’s dad seemed to really enjoy himself.

Melissa’s grandfather dancing with Michael’s babysitter when he was little. Not sure how this one came about!?

Question: What do you do when you want to clap along with the beat and still not miss a beat with your beer? Michael knows!






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Gleny + Mario

I met up with Gleny and Mario at Seaside Heights today for a fun engagement session. Both Mario and Gleny were great sports by getting a little wet for a great shot I had in mind (a few photos down). We hung out along the boardwalk and the beach in the late afternoon, took a break for dinner, then met back up for a few fun shots at dusk. Thanks guys, I am really looking forward to photographing your wedding in August!

One of my favorite shots of the day!



While we were strolling down to our next location I snapped this one.

Who can resist the “Giggle Bunny”!?

Thanks for braving the surf for me guys!




Thomas Ward - I LOVE the last shot!

Rosie Parsons - Wow, the surf shot and the last fairground one are out of this world! Kudos!

jaylifoto - to shoot the “Giggle Bunny” you must got wet too!

Did you bring a softbox for the lighting? Can’t figure out how you light it :)

Todd - Hey Jay. Nope, I didn’t get wet for the Giggle Bunny shot, just a little wet on the next photo though, but not bad at all. Just use a longer lens. :)

No softbox either, it’s just available light.


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