Today I had the pleasure of spending three hours photographing Fanny and Dan’s quaint and intimate outdoor wedding in Colonial Park in Somerset NJ. There were only about 15 people attending their beautiful ceremony in the perennial garden. Afterwards we headed over to the very cool Stone House in Warren NJ. Congratulations Fanny and Dan!

I had to start with this photo for two reasons. First, I just like it so much! Second, this was taken on the loading dock behind the Stone House. Fanny wasn’t so sure about being photographed on a loading dock, but she and Dan trusted me. While photographing, a woman from the restaurant came out and was sort of shocked at where I was photographing them. She suggested I go to the other side where they had a fountain and a fire pit. I politely declined and said I was happy where I was. I know she was just trying to be helpful, but would you rather have this photo, or one in front of a grey fire pit in August?! The moral of this story is, just TRUST ME!!! Thanks Fanny and Dan.

Isabella, Fanny’s daughter, making eye contact with me during the ceremony.

Brandon chillin’ out in the grass!

Love this one!

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Today I met up with Yadey and Adam in Central Park for their engagement session. We spent a few hours in Central Park, took a break for dinner, then headed back out for some night shots around Times Square. These two are such fun to watch together! I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in Massachusetts in just a few weeks. Then photographing their New York City wedding a few days later! Yep, you heard me correctly! You’ll be seeing a lot more of these two in a few more weeks. I only really had one problem with today’s shoot…deciding which images to blog! Thanks for a fun day/night out guys!

You have no idea how long it took to get this shot with no people in it! (other than Yadey and Adam silly)

My favorite!

I love how busy Times Square is, yet Yadey and Adam are in their own world!

  • Brandi - These are so pretty and natural looking and the lighting is super.

  • jeff tisman - f’n rockin todd!

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When I arrived at Sarah’s house to photograph, I was amazed at just how relaxed everything was. It was very low key, and honestly I found it to be a refreshing change from the usual frenzy of activity I experience each weekend. Thanks for the pizza and salt water taffy Sarah! I was told that Dan wasn’t too comfortable in front of the camera, but I have to say, when he was looking at Sarah, he was an absolute natural! Sarah and Dan’s wedding took place at the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange NJ. Congratulations you two, and please have a pina colada for me in Saint Lucia!

It’s a good thing you teach Art and not English Dan, you forgot the “n” on the word “inside”!
I love this one!

I like this one too for some reason.

The Flower Girl doing some light reading!

Love this one!

Sarah and Dan holding hands during the speeches.

This was Sarah’s Grandmother’s cake topper!

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857-6309….Jenny Jenny, I got your number! Today I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Jenny and Shawn’s wedding at the Liberty House in Jersey City, one of my favorite venues! Anytime you have a classy couple who are so in love, mixed in with a beautiful day, then throw in the New York City skyline as your backdrop, you pretty much can’t go wrong! In fact, this may be the most photos I’ve posted in one blog entry ever. If you’re bored, feel free to count and compare to other entries, then let me know! Anyway, this was a gorgeous wedding with lots of emotion flying around. Jenny’s dad even did an impromptu sit in with the band, pounding the pig skins like nobody’s business! Congratulations Jenny and Shawn, enjoy Cape Cod!

Two words… Jimmy Choo!Jenny and her “older” sister. Sorry, inside joke!
If hoopa’s can be awesome, this one certainly is!

Jenny gazing into Shawn’s eyes during the ceremony.
While I took the guys for a few photos…My second shooter Elisabeth got this one of the ladies! Awesome!
What a view!Jenny and Shawn’s first dance.
The next few shots are Jenny’s dance with her father, which was very sweet.

An emotional speech.

  • Ron Cohen - Hey…

    I’m a friend of Nick Grief’s…

    he mentioned this site since I was supposed to find more shots of his son Chase… :- )

    but tripped across this GREAT series of wedding stuff….

    really, really nice man.

    but I keep wondering, what city IS that?

    thanks and keep up the great work, it looks terrific…


    (we do film and video work, so maybe sometime we’d hook up if we did a photo guy)

  • Poppi Kramer - thank you todd. you did a gorgeous and amazing job of capturing my sister and shawn. you are gifted..

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I must admit, we had a bit of a shaky start to today’s wedding. It was bucketing down with rain in the morning, and when I got to the hotel to meet up with Stacey I learned that her hair dresser was having a, shall we say, off day, and that Stacey would be arriving late! BUT…everything worked out flawlessly in the end. The rain stopped, and Stacey looked gorgeous! Stacey and Scott are a great couple and it was truly my pleasure to be a part of their day. The reception was held at the Hyatt in Morristown, NJ. Congratulations Stacey and Scott! Enjoy the Dominican Republic!

Check out the determination and intensity on Tara’s face while working on the back of her sister’s dress!

This was really sweet. Stacey was reading the card that Scott had sent over for her, which brought tears to her eyes.
Something funny at the church.
Rather than try to hide Stacey and Scott’s heigh difference, I wanted to somehow highlight it.

I love this one!

Scott had seen this shot on another blog entry and requested I do it at his wedding too. Here ya go Scott!

Stacey and her dad had a special surprise first dance, where they changed music and tempo half way through, it was hilarious. Here is the crowds reaction!

Grandma was cutting it up the dance floor!

During the best man’s speech he told us about when he was living with Scott and what happened the first time Stacey came over. He heard a knock on the door, he looked out the peep hole and didn’t see anyone, another knock, and still no one. He told Scott he thought someone was messing with them, but it turns out that it was only Stacey, who wasn’t tall enough to be seen through the peep hole. Well, this photo was inspired by that speech!

  • Brandi - These are lovely! :)

  • Tara (Stacey's sister) - Well done! Love them all, but my favorite has to be the one where her face is barely in the picture!

  • Robin DePaula - BEAUTIFUL images . . .

  • M&M - What a beautiful union of 2 amazing people. The pictures are absolutely amazing and truly captured such a wonderful day! My favorite shot is of Stacey’s height or lack thereof….where’s the disco booty shot????

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Wowzers! What a fun wedding to photograph! I have so many great shots from today that it was hard to pick which ones to blog. Susie and Ken are a super fun couple who are obviously in love. And their bridal party was hilarious too…YAY! Susie and Ken’s reception was held at Mayfair Farms in West Orange. Thank you so much for letting me in on your big day, I had a blast! Congratulations, and enjoy your honeymoon in Aruba!

I told you they were fun! But I won’t tell you why they are laughing though.MY favorite of the day!I should put a book together of bored kids at weddings!I love when they serve communion during the ceremony, because I can almost always get shots like this.They’re even fun during the ceremony!
Nice job Ken!

I thought this was a funny shot. After the ceremony, nature called, but apparently the bridesmaids beat me to it!
How cute are they!?
A little lens flare for my second shooter Lis. YAY!

Susie and Ken’s first dance.

I love good speeches!
Two words… Meat Loaf.

  • Brandi - Super awesome. The one with the bridal party running around the B&G in the middle is AWESOME. Love it.

  • Naqib - Amazing composition…always look forward to see what you get upto to next..definitely inspiring my photography..thanks for the fresh angles…I just finished a post wedding shoot recently in a paddy field ..check it out if you have the time…cheers..

  • Neha - Todd, you did an amazing job here…just as good, if not better, from Cathlin’s wedding!!! :-)

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Roy and Peter’s wedding was so much fun to be a part of. They booked me last year after a friend of a friend of a friend was at my house for a baby shower and was admiring some of my photographs on the wall, and told Roy and Peter about me. I’ve been looking forward to photographing their wedding ever since. My friend Walter Van Dusen drove down from Connecticut to help out being the second photographer. There are a few of his images below where noted. The ceremony and the reception were held at the Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange, NJ. Have fun being tourists in New York City guys!

I found this brochure in the lobby of the hotel that the guys were getting ready at. I thought it made a nice backdrop for their rings.Photo below by Walter Van DusenPlease don’t try to adjust the color on your monitors, Emily’s eyes really are this blue!I don’t normally post two ring shots, but come on, look how freaking cool these rings are! They have their wedding date in Roman numerals on them.
Peter all ready to go. Photo by Walter Van Dusen
Walter brought out his ring light for this cool shot. Photo by Walter Van Dusen.Can you feel the enthusiasm!Roy’s Best Person planting one on him right after the ceremony.Roy and Peter’s first dance.

  • zofia - Fantastic work, Todd and Walter!

  • Naqib (qippy) - cool table did you capture that..were you on a ladder or something and how about the lighting for it?nice…

  • Justine MIller - Gorgeous work, lovely wedding and you have some amazing shots. I love the one of him on the couch with his partner in the mirror.. great work!

  • Krystal Radlinski - Absolutely lovely work! You have perfectly captured the charming personalities and joy of the day. I’m not even a guest and yet I felt as if I were. Brava.

  • Todd - Thanks Zofia.

    Qippy, only Walter knows my trademark secret for getting this shot and he is sworn to secrecy! Just kidding, I mounted my camera to a mono-pod with a 15mm fisheye attached and used a cable release, then just “boomed” it in. The lighting was on camera flash which was bounced in. Thanks.

    Justine, thank you, I like that one too!

    Krystal, that is the ultimate compliment! Thank you so much.

  • Arlene Catherine - OMG!!! Love, love, love these! Well Done.

    ~ Arley

  • Roy Corson & Peter Kiuzma - The shots look great! You and Walter were wonderful to work with. Can’t wait to see them all. Thanks again!

  • Naqib (qippy) - cool thanks so much..I will try that this weekend for a wedding shoot..thats so nice of you to share that with us…cheers

  • Bernadette - I am so glad I recommended you Todd! Fantastic shots, and I can’t wait to see the rest of them! :-)

  • Seshu - Love that table shot! Great work you guys.

  • Chanelle SegeriusBru - Great set of images. (DWF member here). Love the colours.

  • Ingrid - These are absolutely beautiful. I’m so glad to have discovered your website..such an inspiration to me.

  • Christine - Why are there no pictures of me.

  • Vishal - This are awesome images. I admire your work. Keep it coming.

  • Ali - These images are both gorgeous and touching. Wonderful work.

  • Caryl - I just love the rich colors and the emotions that you captured… GREAT work ….

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