Heather + Paul

Heather + Paul’s wedding had such a laid back vibe to it. Mostly in part, I think because they are a super chill couple. No stress at all! And I really loved Heather’s unique dress. It wasn’t like anything I had photographed before. I really love when clients break out of the traditional wedding “box”, even if it’s only one or a handful of things! It was also nice to witness their friends and family on hand to help them celebrate this wonderful day! Congratulations Heather and Paul!

Ever Lopez - Great pictures as always Todd.


pamela - Absolutely gorgeous! Those last two are magical!! Looks like a fun couple.

Pepe Faraldo - Amazing pictures. Congratulations!!

Anthony - Great ring shot!

Heather Plante - These are so amazing and wonderful and perfect. THANK YOU x infinity.

Anonymous - Phenomenal pictures! Loved being a part of that experience and love the photos just as much!

Linda Plante - Awesome job! We laughed at some and said “awwwww” to others. Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

Danielle - It’s was such am amazing wedding and they are such a beautiful couple. I am am so glad to call them my friends. This night needed to be remembered this way …,,absolutely gorgeous

Martha - Just love these pictures. They really captured the joy. You guys are so obviously in love.

Juan Pablo Rozo - It’s the first time a watch your photographs, congratulations. Every shot is awesome and tells a perfect moment. Thank you for share your work.

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Hayley + Michael

Hayley + Michael’s wedding was such a wonderful experience for me to photograph. Steeped in Jewish tradition, which also included some amazing family and friends helping them celebrate their day of days. The Brooklyn Museum served as the backdrop for this beautiful wedding. I had tons of fun documenting Hayley and Michael’s wedding day. Thanks so much guys, and congratulations!

Neus - Without words.. Only your pics…. Foboluous….!

Kristen Driscoll - Woo hoo! These are so much fun! :) Great job as always :)

Lanny Mann - Good god, you’re good.

Hilda Burke - Such great work Todd! Love the little boy, he’s adorable!!

Erika - Love this set!

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Kerri + Jaime

Kerri + Jaime’s wedding  started out with rain unfortunately. But that was short lived, and other than a wet ring shot, it had zero effect on the day! Yay! After a great first look between Kerri and Jaime, we hit the streets of New York City to see what we could find. I had a blast strolling around near Washington Square Park with these two! They were surrounded by tons of friends and family, see bridal party picture below for proof of that! They also hired an amazing band who kept the crowd on their feet all night long! Congratulations Kerri and Jaime!

Juan Carlos Fotografo - I love it¡¡¡, good job

Linda Jennings - This wedding photography collection is priceless – simply priceless!!

Sue Barberá - You are just too good to be true!!!! I cant take my eyes out of you!!! eres endiabladamente bueno….!!

lisa - I bet this bride is happy with her pictures (UNDERSTATEMENT).

Elihu - Todd your pics are great! you inspired me!

Lou O'Brien - These pictures are really awesome. Every pictures tells the story by itself. Great work!

Kristen D. - Love them all! :)

Wedding Digest Kenya - I don’t know whether its the couple and family that’s so photogenic or its the photographer who’s great. :) But i’m sure its the photographer. Yeeah. good work!

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Marissa + Paul

Normally I try to blog a couple of weeks after each wedding. Unfortunately, an extremely busy workload has made me fall a little behind. But all that really means though is that TONS of great stuff is coming your way…eventually! Ok, now that’s out of the way, let me tell you about Marissa + Paul’s wedding. One of the stand out things about their wedding for me was the portrait Paul drew of and for Marissa. He obviously took his time with it, and for someone who is not trained as an artist, but as a C-17 pilot in the air force, it was very well done and sweet too. Way to go Paul! I had such a great time working with these two! We strolled around Hoboken, taking in all the great views of Manhattan. And then off to their fun filled reception surrounded by all their friends and family! Congratulations guys!

Rafael Soares - These are amazing!
Love all the moments you’ve managed to capture! Great great work!

Big fan!
Cheers from Brazil!

Naqib - What can I say..I’m so proud that I’m your student :) ..how’s it goin bro?

Hannes Uys - You are insanely great Todd!

Dani - Your scenes from the dance floor are always incredible!!

photojennette photography - loving this set. nice work and love the excitement in the reception photos!

Ivan Silva - Stunning pics!!! I loved your parties photos. cheers from Brazil ;)

Chiara - Ah! Love the dancing scenes!!

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Monica + Mark

I met up with Monica + Mark in Long Branch for their engagement session. It was a fantastic day, the sun was out and the skies were crisp and blue! I bet they had no idea we would spend a good chunk of time in a parking garage! Hey, I just follow the light. We did make it onto the beach for some shots as well. It was a great day and I’m looking forward to photographing their upcoming wedding! See you guys again soon!

Kristen Driscoll - Love the cloud silhouette and the backlit cloud one. All the cloud ones.. yeah!

Keith Bachand - I love your work. The emotion you capture is amazing.

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Manisha + Asit

I had such a blast photographing Manisha + Asit’s wedding! I loved everything about it, the people, especially their party friends, all the rich colors, the traditions, the food, everything. The weather didn’t fully cooperate, but the rain held out just long enough to get Manisha and Asit’s portraits in. Love when that happens! Asit’s baraat was SO much fun to photograph as well. The energy was just off the charts! The first two photos were taken the night before. They held a little welcoming dinner for their guests the night prior. I snuck a few shots of Manisha and Asit in as well. Congratulations guys, it was my absolute pleasure being a part of your day!

Kristen Driscoll - I Love you reception shots! :)

jon usual - Brutal!! fantastico.

Juya - Me encanta tu vision tan unica de las bodas. Felicidades :)

Rebecca Mackesty - I love your unique perspective of the bride getting dressed and awesome use of natural lighting! Gorgeous work!

Pete Henderson - So many good images. Love how close you get in the dancing.

Angela Wasinger - ~ ARTISTRY UNRIVALED ~

Kevin Durham - Most weddings take years of planning yet the day can fly by and feel like it’s over in a heartbeat. That’s why it’s so important to capture those moments and not just the moments you expected, but the ones that appeared by magic.

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Jen + Keith

Jen + Keith’s engagement session and wedding happened fairly close together, so I decided to roll them both into one blog post. Because Jen and Keith don’t live in the area, we only had one day to do their e-session., meaning we couldn’t reschedule. Unfortunately, it was raining all day long. So we headed for cover in Grand Central Station to see what we could find. We made it work! For Jen and Keith’s wedding day, the weather decided to cooperate and the day went off without a hitch. Jen and Keith are some of the most laid back people you will ever meet. It was such a breeze working with these two, and I enjoyed every minute of it! Plus I got to work with Sojourner and her team from Erganic Designs, who always do an amazing job! Congratulations Jen and Keith!

Erika - One of my favourites by you! Just referred a couple to you for August of next year, I hope they contact you!

Martino - Studio Boda - Gorgeous clicks and fabulous compositions.
Always in the right place at the right time.
You rock man!

Kristen Driscoll - Some of my faves: B&W laughing in the limo /
Portrait with the red background with groom laughing with bride :)
All of them, really though! Great work as always!

Michel Raymond - Absolutly Amazing Weeding picture. I like very much your black and white. Congratulation from Quebec.

Visionary productions - Bride and groom looking really beautiful in every photo of their wedding. I like the one photo in the beginning where you shoot it in black and white mode and glass is showing their reflection twice.

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