Stephanie + Tyler

I photographed Stephanie’s sister’s wedding back in 2012, and now it’s Stephanie’s turn to tie the knot! I met up with Stephanie and Tyler in New York City for their engagement session. We had a great time strolling around the city looking for interesting places to photograph. Thanks for a great day in the city guys. I can’t wait for the wedding later this year!

Mario C. Castillion - I took some time during my lunchbreak at work to look at these series and I am amazed by the extraordinary level of creativity you’ve shown yet again.
I LOVE the photo where the couple is seen in the steering wheel of the car.
I cannot help asking myself how the H*LL you do it!

Great photos…..


Ed - Awesome creative work! Love the chef’s arm over the couple shot!

Anonymous - Hi Todd,
You are so amazingly talented and creative. These pictures are awesome. We are so fortunate to have you as our photographer. Can’t wait to see the rest.
Laura Schneider

Nikolay Mirchev - I really admire your amazing approach to framing and compositing the shots. All of the images above feel so dynamic and full of live. The very first image is my favorite, it looks like Stephanie and Tyler were very lucky to pick up the right photographer for the job ;)

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Marie + Greg

Marie and Greg’s wedding was such a pleasure to photograph! They were both so laid back and easy going the whole time. It was a wonderful day to witness and document for them. Marie did get emotional on several occasions throughout the day which is always such a joy to witness. I love when brides are overcome with feelings and just let the tears flow, instead of holding them back. I know there is a lot of time spent on makeup on the wedding day for most brides, but I say let those tears out, makeup be damned! Thank you guys so much for the privilege of photographing your day of days! Congratulations Marie and Greg!

Eric F. - Todd these. are. AMAZING!! It almost seems like a staged wedding and reception. Everything is so perfect and you have done an incredible job capturing so much emotion!! I want to be like you when I grow up.

Michelle Henrick - Always in awe. Your perspective is amazing.

margaret - Your perspective is so unique and compelling. i just love the pictures. Absolutely beautiful!!

Lanny Mann - Good stuff, Todd. The flower girl with the puckered lips is just priceless.

Michele Geraghty - I’m a friend of the bride’s Mom…these are, by far, the BEST wedding photos I have ever seen! They are technically magnificient, but more importantly, they are so emotive! To the photographer, your work is amazing! To the bride, groom, family & friends – what an obviously fantastic wedding!

David Mielcarek - There’s a lot of us out there – wedding photographers who keep trying and then there’s Tod Laffler. So far away and above everyone else… it’s not even funny! The amount of absolutely incredible shots in this one post is larger than what many achieve throughout their entire careers! Hats off, Ladies and Gentlemen!

David Mielcarek - ToDD… dammit! So blown away I can’t even spell your name properly ;)

Renee - Love this one – you killed it again Todd!! Can I get married again?

Aunt Julie - Such a beautiful & amazing documentation of a wonderful day & a Beautiful Love Story!!

Todd Laffler - Thank you everyone!David, that was very kind of you to say, I appreciate it. Thank you!

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Julia + Greg

Julia and Greg  are such a sweet loving couple who met each other, of all places, while pumping iron at the gym! From what I understand, they are both animals in the gym! Julia’s biceps probably would have tipped you off anyway, but now you know for sure! They got married in Philadelphia at the uber cool Front and Palmer. It was a wonderful day and I was honored they chose me to document it for them! Thank you and congratulations guys!

Rafael Soares - Man.. these are some amazing images!!

I kinda wish I had taken them! :)

Big fan!

Cheers from Brazil!

Kristen D. - I love them all… and I think the groom’s expression during the first look was so cute! :)

Erika - Amazing wedding Todd!

Mike Prasad - Beautiful work Todd, just an amazing sample of emotions and moments from the day. I’m sure they’re thrilled.

belle ancell - You’re photography is so inspiring to me. I love your silhouettes and the unique way of seeing and capturing your clients wedding day.

Elizabeth Lloyd - Ring shot, trolly shot, cake shot, and the last two are faves. Nice work!!

Francesco Spighi - Great work Tod, really impressive. Love your style! ;)

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Gina + CG

Holy smokes, Gina + CG had a fun wedding! These two had such great chemistry together too! So easy to photograph. CG has this fun and very expressive face too! I had a great time documenting their wedding day which took place at one of my favorite venues as well, The Crossed Keys Inn! Did I mention that Gina and CG’s friends know how to have a good time! Wait until you see the shots from the dance floor! Congratulations guys, it was my absolute pleasure!

Khanh Nguyen - DUDE you rocks everytime you post something. Moments angles and light are awesome!

Gina - Hi Todd,
CG & I just looked at these… SO AMAZING!!! It was so awesome to relive the day again & even better to relive it through your eyes. Thank You Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

Lanny Mann - So good, Todd. 2nd last is my favourite!

Nicole Thomas - Awesome wedding ceremony,Your photos are gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! I’m glad your photographer was able to capture so many great moments.The bride is wearing my absolute favorite wedding dress! The styling of this couple’s wedding is just beautiful as is the photography! Thanks for sharing this! I love it!
Nicole Thomas

Louie DeJesus - I agree with Lanny. Freezing the drops in the air with the expressions of the guys. Classic shot

Visionary productions - You have captured every photo with so much creativity. I like your work. Shutter speed in second last photo made it awesome. My favorite photo is the one in which you beautifully captured the groom in bride’s eye.

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Heather + Paul

Heather + Paul’s wedding had such a laid back vibe to it. Mostly in part, I think because they are a super chill couple. No stress at all! And I really loved Heather’s unique dress. It wasn’t like anything I had photographed before. I really love when clients break out of the traditional wedding “box”, even if it’s only one or a handful of things! It was also nice to witness their friends and family on hand to help them celebrate this wonderful day! Congratulations Heather and Paul!

Ever Lopez - Great pictures as always Todd.


pamela - Absolutely gorgeous! Those last two are magical!! Looks like a fun couple.

Pepe Faraldo - Amazing pictures. Congratulations!!

Anthony - Great ring shot!

Heather Plante - These are so amazing and wonderful and perfect. THANK YOU x infinity.

Anonymous - Phenomenal pictures! Loved being a part of that experience and love the photos just as much!

Linda Plante - Awesome job! We laughed at some and said “awwwww” to others. Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

Danielle - It’s was such am amazing wedding and they are such a beautiful couple. I am am so glad to call them my friends. This night needed to be remembered this way …,,absolutely gorgeous

Martha - Just love these pictures. They really captured the joy. You guys are so obviously in love.

Juan Pablo Rozo - It’s the first time a watch your photographs, congratulations. Every shot is awesome and tells a perfect moment. Thank you for share your work.

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Hayley + Michael

Hayley + Michael’s wedding was such a wonderful experience for me to photograph. Steeped in Jewish tradition, which also included some amazing family and friends helping them celebrate their day of days. The Brooklyn Museum served as the backdrop for this beautiful wedding. I had tons of fun documenting Hayley and Michael’s wedding day. Thanks so much guys, and congratulations!

Neus - Without words.. Only your pics…. Foboluous….!

Kristen Driscoll - Woo hoo! These are so much fun! :) Great job as always :)

Lanny Mann - Good god, you’re good.

Hilda Burke - Such great work Todd! Love the little boy, he’s adorable!!

Erika - Love this set!

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Kerri + Jaime

Kerri + Jaime’s wedding  started out with rain unfortunately. But that was short lived, and other than a wet ring shot, it had zero effect on the day! Yay! After a great first look between Kerri and Jaime, we hit the streets of New York City to see what we could find. I had a blast strolling around near Washington Square Park with these two! They were surrounded by tons of friends and family, see bridal party picture below for proof of that! They also hired an amazing band who kept the crowd on their feet all night long! Congratulations Kerri and Jaime!

Juan Carlos Fotografo - I love it¡¡¡, good job

Linda Jennings - This wedding photography collection is priceless – simply priceless!!

Sue Barberá - You are just too good to be true!!!! I cant take my eyes out of you!!! eres endiabladamente bueno….!!

lisa - I bet this bride is happy with her pictures (UNDERSTATEMENT).

Elihu - Todd your pics are great! you inspired me!

Lou O'Brien - These pictures are really awesome. Every pictures tells the story by itself. Great work!

Kristen D. - Love them all! :)

Wedding Digest Kenya - I don’t know whether its the couple and family that’s so photogenic or its the photographer who’s great. :) But i’m sure its the photographer. Yeeah. good work!

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