{best of} 2013 portraits

A look back on some wedding portraits from 2013. A great big sincere THANK YOU to all my clients for entrusting me to document their big day!

Arturo - Fantastic work, really inspiring!!!

Peter - amazing moments captured in these photos!

Aric Hoek - If I ever have the opportunity to photograph another client in NY, I am calling you before I leave for advice.

Love the portraits. Especially all the silhouettes!

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{best of} 2013 Ceremony

A look back on some ceremony photos from 2013. Enjoy!

Mike Prasad - Absolutely spectacular work Todd! Your couples must be so thrilled.
Would love to see a printed collection of your favourite work!

James Schokman - Amazing as always Todd. I look forward to your best-ofs every year. Love the finger to nose captures!

Christian Rosello - The lighting is just perfect and I love the location… really nice Photography.

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{best of} 2013 details

A look back on some wedding details from 2013. Enjoy!

Andrea Fanni - Best details photos ever! I couldn’t stop to say wooooow looking at them, they made me laugh a lot too !
I am such a big fun of your photography! Thanks for sharing!

Anthony - Your details shots are always some of my favorites!

Nathan - Amazing foresight in image creation. I love the ring shots especially. I’ll be watching you closely from here on in.

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{best of} 2013 e-sessions

A look back on a few engagement sessions from 2013. Enjoy!

Ever Lopez - superb quality and creative pictures!
love them all

Thanks for sharing Todd

DavidOne - Lot of beautiful pictures ! Well Done Todd ! :)

Lucas Mikuc - Fantastic series of pictures! You are great photographer, Todd! :) Cheers!

Costa Rica Wedding Photographer - Incredible pictures. You always surprise me Todd! Very nice and creative work.

Dragan - You are a force of nature Todd!

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Alvina + Tsi

Alvina and Tsi are an unbelievably fun couple! I had such a great experience hanging out with them on their wedding day. Not to mention all their equally fun friends, I mean just look at those door game, and reception photos! Plus they got married at one of my favorite venues, The Angel Orensanz Foundation building in NYC. What a wonderful backdrop for Alvina + Tsi’s big day. Many thanks to everyone involved, and a heartfelt congratulations to Alvina and Tsi!

Khanh Nguyen - This blog post is full of LAFFLER :D Amazing shots man!

Alvina - Thanks Todd ! We’re reliving the day and it’s wonderful reliving it through your lenses Love your shots !

Giovanna - Just WOW!

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Alison + Justin

Yet another stunning couple and lively wedding in the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. Alison and Justin are like a Reese’s peanut butter cup, two great tastes that taste great together! They both share a common passion together, music, which was made evident throughout the day. I had such an incredible time documenting their big day with and for them. They are fun to be around, as was their entire set of friends and family. They got hitched at the quirky Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia, where guests could ride the old timey carousel during cocktail hour, and dance the night away in the spacious main area. A big congratulations to you both, and thank you for having me along for the ride!

Hilda Burke - How are you so amazing? Did you drain the talent pool? Please leave a few drops for the rest of us.

darling paumen - ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!

Juya - Nice clicks!!! :)

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