I met up with Carla and Mina in Hoboken for their engagement session. These two were so much fun to work with. We had a blast cruising around Hoboken together. Both being dentists, they both had great smiles, and I got to see lots of incisors and cuspids, and even a few bicuspids once in a while too! Unfortunately, I won’t be photographing their wedding though as I was already booked. *sad face*. It was a pleasure meeting you both, and congratulations and best of luck with everything!

  • Peachygoods - Wow I love these pictures! They inspire me a lot!

  • Luzuko - hi there

    I was browsing through your picture and i must say i like how you take them using natural light and how you make your subjects feel free during the shoot, and that is reflected through the pictures.

    I just started photography and i must say I have learned a lot just by visiting your blog and i hope you dont mind if in future I try your style.



  • Solaris Studios - I love the first and last images! So much fun. Love the silhouette in the last portrait.

  • Mark Daams - Awesomesauce, as always. I love how you use light. Great stuff.

  • james moro - You new yorkers and your abundance of natural light urban awesomeness…

    damn you ! (awesome photos :P )

    Love the slivers of light from the buildings flagging the sun just so… wish I had an epic city to romp around in for engagement shoots.

Ok, let’s just get the JennyCraig joke out of the way right off the bat! I have to admit, I only thought of it about 20 minutes prior to meeting up with these guys, but of course they’ve hear it before. Probably ad nauseum. Ok, that’s out of the way! So, I met up with Jenny and Craig just outside of Central Park, so that we could get a few park shots as well as some city flavor as well. I had a wonderful time hanging out with these two, and can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this August! See you then!

  • Carlos - Nice shoots ;) ! congrats from spain !

  • liam smith - quality work man, love the epic shot at the top

  • Solaris Studios - Love this set of images. I really love how you are not afraid to place objects between your camera and the subject to create additional design elements and focus.

    A nice shoot.

  • james moro - The first shot looks like you traveled up to maine or some national park w/ giant cliffs. Pretty amazing that it’s just central park + a creative vision.

I met up with Vania + Daryl for their super fun engagement session in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn. We had a great time walking around the area, and the weather was just perfect too! I can’t wait to see you guys again real soon at your wedding! Thanks for a fun day!

  • Aric Hoek - Hi Todd. We do not know each other. I was just passing through your site and saw this engagement session and I love it.

    I am a wedding photographer in Houston, and once had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session in NY. I shot in some of the exact same spaces and I am kicking myself for not having the same level of creativity and thought you show in these portraits.

    Your clients are luck to have you as their photographer.

  • Anastasia Gaasenbeek - Bravo! Cool and creative!

Mirian + Jim are a wonderful couple who recently got hitched at the New Leaf Restaurant near Fort Tyron Park in NYC. It was one of those “scattered rain” type of days, and unfortunately just as we got started doing portraits of Mirian and Jim, it did start to rain. Plans changed and we got er done! Despite the heavy rain which soaked some of the guests, and a broken down transport bus, the wedding was beautiful regardless. It was a true pleasure witnessing these two get married, and I was honored to have been chosen to document it for them. Congratulations you two!

  • Khanh Nguyen - WoW another butt-kicking wedding. Awesome work!

  • Erum Rizvi - Fun, High Energy awesome images as always!

  • Karlos Sanchez - Lindas Fotos!


  • Aric Hoek - My favorite shot has to be the one of Christie by herself. It is stunningly simple and impactful. The neutrality of the background really makes her pop out of the image.

    Love your work.

  • Iram López - Fabulosas tomas!! Felicidades Laffler!!

  • Mario C. Castillion - Another great series.
    Love this!

  • wallpaper - awesome wedding party….cool.

  • Kevin - Less is more, so I am just going to say 2 words: AMAZING & INSPIRATIONAL!!!

Spring time here in New Jersey has been a hard fought battle, and we still haven’t “won” yet. As I type this, it’s a rainy and cold 44 degrees. Yuck! Although, about 2 weeks ago we managed to squeeze in a pretty nice day for Christie and Tom’s engagement session. Their super adorable and new(ish) puppy Maci joined us as well! She was such a cutie! We had a great time strolling around Verona Park, snapping photos along the way. Thanks for a nice day at the park guys, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding later this year!

Valerie and Tom’s wedding officially kicks off my 2014 wedding season! And what a great start to another year of awesome weddings. Valerie and Tom are already setting the bar way high! They had a beautiful, albeit windy, day at the Ashford Estate here in New Jersey. I had a great time hanging out with this fun loving couple, snapping photos along the way. Thank you so much for having me record your day of days. Congratulations!

  • John - Amazing photography Todd! Awesome work. Stunning!

  • connie - Do you use a 17mm to give it that bent look? or is that a fish eye?
    Just curious

  • Todd Laffler - Hi Connie. I use a 16-35mm.

  • Matt Montalvo - These photos are awesome! I love the emotion you captured. Keep up the good work!
    -Matt http://www.MattMontalvo.com

  • Martino Buzzi - Gorgeous! (here is Spain we say Excelente!)

  • Ben Godkin - Great shots! Love the action you capture on the dance floor!

  • Aric Hoek - Very graphic ring shot. Love it.

    I also really love the black and whit of the couple in the tree line.

    I have noticed that you like to back light your subjects now and again with a rim. I love the one in this post because of that red background. Did you place additional gelled strobes behind them to light up the trees, or were you just very observant?

Micahel and Franziska were visting New York City from Germany, and decided to have me take some photos of them while they were here. I just realized that I totally forgot to blog this session. So, here it is, in all it’s coldness! Brrr, it was FREEZING! Thanks for being troopers you two, and I hope you enjoyed your visit!

  • Lawrence - Love these especially some of the unusual compositions.
    The lighting in the one of them walking under the supported arch/walkway is very good.
    Tell me how do you manage to keep your hands warm in the cold?
    When my hands freeze – which is often – my brain follows soon after.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks Lawrence! I wear gloves where the just the finger part can flip up out of the way, allowing me to still work the camera. But honestly, it’s still difficult to work in the cold, for me, and for the clients. Always a challenge! :)

  • Gabriela Ojeda - So beautifull !!!! I hope to see you again. Kiss

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