Kari + Dave

Kari + Dave are so much in love it hurt my shutter finger! What a truly wonderful day they had too. The weather was perfect, but more importantly, the love that surrounded these two all day long was astonishing. There were many emotional moments, and lots of happy faces all over the place! And speaking of place…WHOA, I loved their venue, The Inn at Fernbrook Farms! It was my first time there, and I really hope I can go back again soon. Kari and Dave, thank you so much for letting me in on your special wedding, it was an absolute pleasure and honor. Congratulations!

Manel Tamayo - Time after time you do a perfect work, Todd!!!

Steven - Awesome! The one in the bath tub is the winner! :)

Frank DiMeo - A-Game for sure Todd! Great images!

Deirdre - I love this location! It’s right around the corner from where I live in Bordentown City. I had the pleasure of shooting a small wedding there, love it, love your work!

Alberto Sagrado - Great again and again!

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Melkis + Tomas

Melkis + Tomas are one super duper couple! They’re so laid back, easy to photograph, fun to be around, and they are obviously in love! And to add to all that, they got married at one of my favorite venues to photograph, The Metropolitan Building in Queens. This place is a treasure trove of light, interesting objects and textures. I could have photographed just their portraits for the entire day! But that’s ok, there was plenty of other great stuff to photograph, including Melkis and Tomas’ baby girl Charlee, who is adorable by the way, plenty of other cute kids running around, lots of close friends and family helping them celebrate, a nice sunset over NYC, and Tomas’ facial expressions are so great capture too! All in all, this was one fabulous day, and I felt incredibly honored they chose me to document it for them. Congratulations guys!

Nacho Ruiz - Fantastic Work!!!

michael clark - Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple, beautiful Charlee, beautiful families — so much joy! Congratulations to you both!

JP - Congratulations to the Newly Weds!!! BTW These pictures are AMAZING!!! I think I’m going to remarry to have similar pictures taken!

Alberto Sagrado - FANTASTIC! Awesome shots once again. Perfect and funny! as always

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Elisa + Daryl

I had the privilege of photographing Elisa and Daryl’s wedding a few weeks ago here in New Jersey. Elisa’s dog kept me plenty entertained during prep, barking at my camera and “protecting” Elisa! It was pretty funny! Elisa and Daryl are a really sweet couple who were such a joy to photograph. The day was beautiful, as was Elisa and Daryl, along with all their friends and family who helped them celebrate. I had a great time, thank you for entrusting me with your big day. Congratulations!

David + Kara - Your photos inspire us every time. Great work!

James Moro - love the shots w/ the yorkie! dogs + weddings = WIN every time.

Serge Gree - Great shots, as always!

frac - Fotógrafos Córdoba - Have works that seem incredible! Congratulations!

Paul S. Reaves - Thanks for share, very beautiful images

Verity Sansom - Awesome work dude!

Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everyone!!!

Antonio - Fotógrafos Murcia - great, greetings from Spain.

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Alexa + Michael

Alexa and Michael were visiting New York from Germany and decided to do a couple’s session with me in DUMBO. I absolutely loved working with these two! They had such great chemistry, and were such a blast to photograph! The slightly strange thing isn’t that Michael’s name is Michael, or that he’s also a wedding photographer, or even that he’s from Germany, the slightly strange thing is that just 6 months ago I photographed another couple’s session with a Michael from Germany who was also a wedding photographer! hmm. What the what!? So, to all you other wedding photographer’s named Michael from Germany, shoot me an email!

Michael - Hey, i am wedding photographer too.

Ans i Hope ro visit Nyc soon!!!!
Best wishes!!!

James Moro - That orange hat actually makes a lot of the shots! love the contrast :D

The brooklynn bridge silhouette shot…amazeballs :D

Serge Gree - Great work. I like it!

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Vania + Daryl

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing another great wedding a few weeks ago, Vania + Daryl’s. I had a lot of fun hanging out with these two all day! They had a perfect day with the weather, then add in all their close friends and family, a loving couple, great food and dancing, and you have a recipe for a great wedding. Thank you so much for the opportunity to document your big day! Congratulations you two!

Ever Lopez - Amazing as usual =)

Kudos Todd!!

Todd Laffler - Thank you Ever!

navdeep - Lovely :)

Serge Gree - Awesome images!

Ernesto García - Powerful colors!

Claudia Ruiz - Amazing!!! :)

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Carla + Mina

I met up with Carla and Mina in Hoboken for their engagement session. These two were so much fun to work with. We had a blast cruising around Hoboken together. Both being dentists, they both had great smiles, and I got to see lots of incisors and cuspids, and even a few bicuspids once in a while too! Unfortunately, I won’t be photographing their wedding though as I was already booked. *sad face*. It was a pleasure meeting you both, and congratulations and best of luck with everything!

Peachygoods - Wow I love these pictures! They inspire me a lot!

Luzuko - hi there

I was browsing through your picture and i must say i like how you take them using natural light and how you make your subjects feel free during the shoot, and that is reflected through the pictures.

I just started photography and i must say I have learned a lot just by visiting your blog and i hope you dont mind if in future I try your style.



Solaris Studios - I love the first and last images! So much fun. Love the silhouette in the last portrait.

Mark Daams - Awesomesauce, as always. I love how you use light. Great stuff.

james moro - You new yorkers and your abundance of natural light urban awesomeness…

damn you ! (awesome photos :P )

Love the slivers of light from the buildings flagging the sun just so… wish I had an epic city to romp around in for engagement shoots.

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Jenny + Craig

Ok, let’s just get the JennyCraig joke out of the way right off the bat! I have to admit, I only thought of it about 20 minutes prior to meeting up with these guys, but of course they’ve hear it before. Probably ad nauseum. Ok, that’s out of the way! So, I met up with Jenny and Craig just outside of Central Park, so that we could get a few park shots as well as some city flavor as well. I had a wonderful time hanging out with these two, and can’t wait to photograph their wedding later this August! See you then!

Carlos - Nice shoots ;) ! congrats from spain !

liam smith - quality work man, love the epic shot at the top

Solaris Studios - Love this set of images. I really love how you are not afraid to place objects between your camera and the subject to create additional design elements and focus.

A nice shoot.

james moro - The first shot looks like you traveled up to maine or some national park w/ giant cliffs. Pretty amazing that it’s just central park + a creative vision.

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