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Family Vacation | Martha’s Vineyard

I’ve been dying to blog our family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard ever since we got back last summer, but alas, work comes first... MORE PLEASE »

Zoe + Emerson | Halloween 2010

The cutest little chickens in the world just so happen to also be my kids! My wife, Susan, deserves ALL the credit for these chicken costumes! She... MORE PLEASE »

Emerson is learning to crawl…

…well sort of! Sometimes it looks like he’s going to start crawling and then he just starts rocking back and forth on his hands and... MORE PLEASE »

Chillin’ with the kids

After Emerson and I picked Zoe up from school yesterday afternoon we decided to just chill out in the back yard. Emerson likes tummy time on his... MORE PLEASE »


I guess it’s true what they say, after your first child (Zoe) the next one doesn’t get photographed as much. Sorry Emerson! I remember... MORE PLEASE »

Let’s Play

My wife Susan had this great idea the other day! Why not make up some “play date” cards for the kids to hand out to new friends? I... MORE PLEASE »

Emerson’s “Big Boy” blog debut!

I’ve been getting a lot of flak from family members about the lack of Emerson photos since his birth a little over 3 months ago. You have to... MORE PLEASE »

FINALLY!!! {Our Baby Boy’s Birth}

It’s been a LONG journey getting here, and hopefully a MUCH longer journey still to come! My wife Susan’s due date was October 11th, so... MORE PLEASE »

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