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I’ve been dying to blog our family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard ever since we got back last summer, but alas, work comes first sometimes. Well, now is my chance to relive some really great experiences in one of favorite places to vacation. This year we rented a rustic little “Writer’s Cottage” which was VERY secluded and right on a pond which led to the Atlantic. What I love about MV is just how rustic/unspoiled it is, combined with its diverse topography and its perfect size for exploring. There are amazing beaches, some with clay cliffs, free form casual rock sculptures, an incredible little fishing village, farms, forests, great biking, quaint towns, sailing, awesome views of stars, nature preserves, the agricultural fair, art galleries, and I could go on and on, but you get the point. In fact, while we were there we saw President Obama. Ok, maybe it was just his motorcade! I can’t wait to get back, but for now, enjoy some of my photos from our vacation.

One of the farms we visited on MV. I had to wait a long time to get this one!Not what you think!Long day.This is one of the ferries you need to take to get to MV.I love when stuff like this happens!We went for a small adventure on one of the Black Dog’s tall ships.This is my favorite beach, not only for the clay cliffs, but also for the random rock sculptures people make.This little seal decided to bask right on our little private beach next to our kayak. Of course we named her Lousille.This is a view down Scrubby Neck road, one of the roads leading to our Writer’s Cottage.The stars were the most amazing I had ever seen.And what are vacation photos without some shots of the little ones?This was fun. I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I had to rig up a crate I found and prop the camera up to the right angle with some rocks. Then I found a couple of large rocks and threw them up over the water, and lit them with my head lamp.

  • jeff tisman - you have talent. you should become a photographer. :)

  • Jen - wow. breathtaking!

  • kris rupp - Wow, thanks for sharing your vaca!!! Love them all but the front of the small row boat in the water is my fav!!! :)

  • Joan - Stun.ning. Your photographs of my favorite place in the world take my breath away. You’re an inspiration to anyone with a camera.

  • allan z. - LOVE this post!!

  • Javi Collazo - Really amazing pics! I would like to see as you see. Bravo!!

  • Angela Mum Laffler - Chris and I really like all of these shots. You must have had so much fun.

  • Shang - Wow, the stars look amazing!!!

  • Rob Cordova - Todd. You are amazing man. Truly one of the greatest artists I have ever seen. Ridiculous talent.

  • Naqib/Qippy - Hey Todd!
    Long time no hear..heheh…anyway I really these sets of images truly inspiring..It seems that you never dry out of juice! do you do it?..I mean what inspires you to be able to always get fresh new ideas? Anyway take care!

  • Tony - even on vacation you shoot like a pro

  • Kristina Variano - Your pictures ALWAYS take my breath away. Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments and pictures. If you ever find yourself in need of some (free) help, like carry your bags, and lights, I would glady assist!!! You can call on me, I live in Scotch Plains and do assist for a local photographer sometimes.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everyone, I appreciate the kind words, really do!
    Naqib and Tony, when I pick up a camera, yes, even on vacation, my goal is always to produce something unique in some way. It could be taking something boring and forcing it to be interesting in some way, or it could be taking something that is already interesting and figuring out how to make it even MORE interesting! A good example is the shot of the cliff, the moon and the seagull. That seagull wasn’t just a static element in the photograph that I could ponder. I could have shot just the cliff and the moon and moved on, but I didn’t. I waited, and waited for a seagull to fly into the frame in a way that complimented the other elements. It’s being happy with what’s in your frame, but then not being satisfied with that, i.e. how can you take it one step further? Hopefully that made sense. :)

  • Rodrigo Vargas - Todd, you’r photos are EPIC! Always.

  • ChristopherDavid - It has already been said but I’m going to say it again: Todd, you are truly an inspiration. It is true, even on vacation, you seem to be on point and on the look out for visually compelling imagery. Honestly, it is your personal work that impresses me most lately because of its departure from the awesome work you are producing every weekend. I think your personal work is evidence of how you are not just a great wedding photographer but how well rounded of a visual creative you are and that you are always “Seeing.”

    To Todd’s clients both current and future; You are in very good hands.

  • Brian Kraft - Crazy cool. Way to take it one step further.

  • April - Wow, these are seriously the best vacation photos I’ve ever seen! That photo of the stars literally took my breath away (and I swear I’m not usually this gushy when commenting!)
    Thanks for sharing them!

  • Victor Herrera - Todd this is amazing post WOW love the night picture

  • Ati Thailand - I wonder if you could tell me the camera setting of star shot with the pond that you threw the big rocks into. Thanks.

  • Jennifer Parlanti - You are the quintisential artist. I drank up every image, and tried to imagine the conjuring of the idea, then the waiting, and the joy of capture!! Just awe inspiring!!! what a stunning place to vacate!! Your kids are gorgeous too!! :]

  • Leslie Privette - Beautiful work!!!! Inspiring!

  • Diane - Wonderful. So glad I discovered your work. Love the strong graphic quality. An inspiration and a new favorite. :)

  • Mike Loshe - Lovely pictures! Where exactly were these shot? My family and I rented out one of the those Martha’s Vineyard Rental homes for a month and I am dying to get some shots like this! Any help?

  • Owen Lucas - I look at a lot of photography and it’s rare these days that I get astonished …your photography is astonishingly good señor! x

  • Joan Price - Thanks for the share! Truly stunning photos! These really take me back to last summer when my family and I got one of those classic Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals. I mean this thing literally was something out of a magazine! Wooden shingles and all! Ugh I can’t wait to go back.

The cutest little chickens in the world just so happen to also be my kids! My wife, Susan, deserves ALL the credit for these chicken costumes! She did an AMAZING job with these two knuckleheads! We had a great time trick-or-treating with Zoe and Emerson’s neighborhood “gang”! Zoe’s costume turned quite a few heads too!

  • Keri Zambelli - Todd your wife did an amazing job on Zoe’s costume! So adorable and clever! I love her feet! Hoped she enjoyed her Halloween!

  • susan kargman siegel - adorable pics-adorable costumes (kudos to Susan) adorable kids!!!! Thanks for the fun distractions while we are awaiting Callie and Nate’s pics to come up.

    Warm regards Susan

  • Georgi Anastasov - hahah, awesome!!!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone, we had a blast!

    Susan, I am working on Callie’s blog post now, it should be up in a few days, sorry for the wait! :(

  • Ben Stopforth - Great photos Todd and great costumes Susan, hope you are all well.
    Lots of Love Ben, Ann Marie and Eva.

  • Ben Stopforth - ps – I love Emerson’s converse!

  • Aunt Norma & Uncle R - Ha Ha Ha Ha
    I can’t believe how cute they look. The look on Emerson’s face says it all. He doesn’t have to speak. Best costumes since “Tiger Lil”.

  • Maggie McGill - Amazing costumes, I LOVE the Chucks!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks :o)

  • Naqib/Qippy - Hey Todd…Man Zoe & Emerson have really grown up sooooo quickly..always nice to come back here to be inspired…anyway if you have and iPhone4™ we should Facetime™ sometime hahah ;)

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks again everyone!

    Naqib, yeah, I’ve found that the more we feed them, the more they just keep growing! :) No iPhone4 for me, but who knows, I may be due, as my current iPhone has a crack on the back of it, so we’ll see! :)

  • Tumbleweed Photography Studio - What creative ideas for kids costumes! They photographed wonderfully especially with the fall color background.

…well sort of! Sometimes it looks like he’s going to start crawling and then he just starts rocking back and forth on his hands and knees. Then, sometimes he looks like he’s just doing push ups! (see photo on the left) He’s almost 7 months now, and I think he’s actually getting close to getting the hang of it. Two things are for certain though, he has oodles of determination, and when he finally learns to crawl, life as we know it will change DRASTICALLY! This guy will be into everything! I grabbed these shots this morning as he was getting in some tummy time before breakfast.

Postscript: Emerson started “big boy” crawling the day after I posted this! Watch out!

  • Lee - he is too cute, these pictures just make me smile. I think he is better at doing push ups than I am.

  • Bernie - OMG
    Too Cute.

  • Cara Carlson - Wow, he has such experience in his eyes. And “old soul” I think. My little one is just learning to stand. Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow and learn?

After Emerson and I picked Zoe up from school yesterday afternoon we decided to just chill out in the back yard. Emerson likes tummy time on his blanket, and Zoe really enjoys her tree swing. It was such a nice and slow afternoon, just watching my kids grow up before my very eyes. I just love these two knuckleheads!

That’s my boy! He has a soft spot for the 15mm fisheye lens just like his old man!

  • jasonschafer - i love these “kids being kids” photos.

  • KrisD Mauga - I guess we all have the same hair up our tushies… revamping our blogs!!! Love the new fresh look!!! It’s so enlightening, hee, hee!!!!! Gorgeous!!!! One day I will be in NY soon and we will have to shoot!

  • Kay - Awww!! The kiddies are so cute. I LOVE the first swing shot!

  • Naqib/Qippy - Hey Todd what a nice set of pics of Zoey and Emerson..:) Do check out my pics of Emerson on my blog if you have the time..take care!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone! :)
    Krisd, yeah I know, it seems everyone has redone their blogs! Must be something in the air, or maybe the start of Spring!? Yeah, let me know when you are in the area and what you’re up to!
    Naqib, I just left a comment for you on your blog. Thanks SO much for doing that!

I guess it’s true what they say, after your first child (Zoe) the next one doesn’t get photographed as much. Sorry Emerson! I remember doing some fun wide angle shots of Zoe when she was about 6 months old in her excersaucer, so decided to do that again, but with Emerson. He’s a grabby kind of guy, so I think he really enjoyed reaching for the camera which was all up in his face! I know I need to get over my photo guy “I don’t take snapshots” attitude and take more photos of the kids more frequently, but until then, enjoy these!

bye everyone!

  • Kalpana - He’s beautiful and I just love the mini faux-hawk!

  • moo - he has gorgeous eyes. awesome smile in photo two.

  • Megan - His eyes are amazing. Love the expression in the 2nd to last shot.

  • Lee - Did you brighten his eyes? They glow, he’s adorable.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone!
    Lee, just a tad, but not a whole lot.

  • Lee - I want the same treatment on my photos but I might need a whole lot…lol

  • Todd Laffler - Oh man, you are funny Lee. I will put it in my notes for your wedding! :)

  • Karin von Voigtlander - I’m so glad I happened upon your site. Your work is really a breath of fresh air.

  • Christina - Positively adorable!

  • Naqib/Qippy - Emerson is simply soooo adorable, now that I’m back home I’m definitely gonna edit some of his pics soon… :)

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