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I’m super excited to announce that I will be speaking at the European Wedding and Portrait Conference in Cologne Germany on November 17th through the 19th, and also doing a hands on full day workshop there as well. If you can make it on out, I highly recommend it! Just look at all the awesome speakers below!!! BONUS: their sponsor, FLORICOLR albums, is offering a 50€ discount for a limited time. Follow this link and get signed up! I hope to see you there!

If you have never experienced going to Mystic Seminars in Connecticut, then you truly ARE missing out on something special! If you have attended before, then you already know what I’m talking about! Walter van Dusen has, yet again, created a jam packed lined up of amazing speakers that will knock your socks off (if you even wear socks, whatevs)! I’m am SO honored to have been asked to speak again this year!  Seriously people, Mystic is an amazing place to gain valuable information, create new friendships, network, and chat with like minded people, all while doing so in a comfortable, relaxed environment. And anyone who has been before will tell you, Walter will take GREAT care of you! So, if you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Hmmm, perhaps you were waiting for some kind of generous discount code? Well, Walter has you covered, no excuses now! For all my peeps who sign up for a Full Registration, just enter the code “ToddL$75″ and guess what happens? Yep, BAM $75 off! DO IT!!! See ya there!


I’m so incredibly honored to have been asked to speak at the 2011 Foundation Conference this coming November in New Orleans. The lineup of speakers is amazing, and although this will be my first time going to the conference myself, I have a good feeling that they will be doing things a little differently. I love this quote from Ed Atrero about a past conference;

It’s a chance to hang and talk shop with the badasses of our industry. R.W.A. Rockstars Without Attitude. There’s no BS peddling of products by the speakers. Presenters are slangin the straight dope.

Click on over to here for more information.

  • Christine - CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve this honor!!!!!!!!!!!

I am SO excited to be speaking at Mystic 6 this coming weekend. This is such an awesome four day event for wedding photographers! I have been going to the Mystic Seminars, hosted by Walter Van Dusen, for the last 3 years and each year Walter seems to outdo himself. This year looks to be no different either! This will also be my first time getting up in front of over 200 of my peers to impart some of my knowledge. I am both nervous and excited at the same time! Photographers, if you aren’t busy this weekend, there may be some spots open, come on out and hear the likes of Yervant, Cliff Mautner, Jesh De Rox, David Beckstead and so many more other talented photographers! Here is a link for some more information.

I am still trying to catch up with my blog posting, and I have SO much more to blog, so hang in there. Preparing for Mystic has taken much more time than I had anticipated, so things got pushed back a little further, but rest assured, when I get back I will get all caught up, promise!

  • john arcara - See you there man! Specifically going to see you! HAHA! We are going with Graphi Studio. I am also specifically going to punk out on JDR…

  • Walter van Dusen - You are going to do a great job. Safe travels to Mystic. Walter

  • Kristi Odom - I can’t wait to see you speak! I love your work! So fun, crazy, and yet full of personality. You are going to rock it! See you in a few :)

  • Mabyn - I can’t wait! It’s such an amazing line up this year and your presence was a definite selling point! You’ll be great! See you on Thursday! :)

  • jeff tisman - Don’t worry todd, we won’t heckle too loud!!

  • Kris Rupp - See you there Todd!! I think I may just set up a tent outside the door the night before so I can sit directly in front of you when the doors open….yes, that is the plan. Do you think Maggie, Jeff, Suzanne…etc… will fit in the two person tent???? Hmmmmm. Only for you. ;)

  • Maggie McGill - I am SO starting the wave in the crowd…don’t even attempt to stop me :o>
    Laffler rules, period end of sentence.

  • Erin Kiok - Good luck Todd!!

  • jeff tisman - sounds cozy kris!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone! :)

  • Quelyn - AHHHh you “profile pic” up in that collage is amazing.

  • Tracy - You were AWESOME!! It was wonderful to be there for your first speaking gig. Congrats! :)

  • miah klein - Congrats, you are speaking with the big shots for a reason.

Hello everyone. Over the past year or so I have gotten a few inquiries from other photographers as to weather or not I do workshops. As of this second, that answer is no, BUT I am trying to put something together over the next several months. Something hands on. Also, I have committed to speaking at Walter Van Dusen’s Mystic 6, happening next January 6th through the 9th in Mystic Connecticut. Walter puts together an AMAZING conference each year, and it just gets better and better every time. I highly suggest attending if you can. I will post more details on that later.

So, here is where I need your help. If you could either email me ( or leave a comment here on this post about what you would be most interested in learning from me, that would be very helpful to me. I want to see if there is a common interest among you guys, maybe it’s how I run my business, my thought process on a shoot, post-processing, etc. It can be whatever. Once I get this input, I feel it will guide me towards what people really want to know more about and it will enable me to deliver a useful, and informative presentation.

If you are a silent blog stalker and a photographer as well, now is the time I need you to chime in! So, don’t be shy, tell me what you want to learn from me.

Thank you SOOOO much in advance for taking the time to do this, I truly appreciate it!

  • Mark Beckelman - As a fellow photographer, what intrigues me is your ability to create something out of nothing – under stress and within the very tight time constraints of a wedding day. I’d be interested in hearing your thought processes — how you approach each segment of the day, and what your workflow is. Lighting philosophy and techniques would also be of interest.

  • Ryan Young - Todd, I’m one of the guys that wrote you about workshops last year. At that time I was living in Japan and you said “I don’t do workshops, but fly me to Japan and I’ll teach you everything I know.” ;-) Well, it didn’t happen, but I’m glad to see you are considering workshops now, especially since I’m back in the US (AZ) and logistics would be simpler. I’m most impressed with (and would be most interested in learning) your control of light for these beautiful exposures. Your light work, whether using natural light or stobes is simply stunning; your exposures perfect. So light technique, metering, etc. would be of most interest to me. Additionally, you obviously have such a great rapport with your clients and watching you work and interact with them would be great. Cheers, Ryan

  • blonnie - Count me as one who would love to learn from you (or be a tagalong/assistant if you find yourself in need of one!) I check out a lot of photographers in the DE/PA/NJ area and your work absolutely stands out to me.

  • Naqib/Qippy - Hi Todd,I would like you to teach me how you edit your pictures,perhaps a step by step ‘you tube’ like hands on tutorial ie what you apply in Levels,TRA recipe,Kubota etc. A before edit and after edit snapshot would be great as I would really like to compare how much difference your originalpic is compared to your edited shots. I would simply love to learn how you get your actions in photoshop the way you do. As for photography it would be also great perhaps to see how you decide to shoot a subject,your angles,what you look for,what lenses to choose,apertures,WB, off camera flash techniques,how you shoot dance floor scenes in parties that kinda stuff…thanks so much for posting this post…I’m sure a lot of ppl are as baffled as I am and would love to see the master at work and how you do it? Also I have the same the same request as Mr.Ryan Young above.Btw are you on twitter or anythg similar? I am on twitter you can add me ,my nickname is qippy. Thanks Todd

  • Kay English - Hey Todd!@ I would love to attend a workshop! I would be interested in learning your thought process on a shoot, how you show emotions so well in photos, post-processing, and your workflow in lightroom. :)

  • Naqib/Qippy - Btw if I got you a return ticket to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I provided lodging would you be interested to do an asian workshop, we could discuss on how we could collaborate and work together for the Malaysia Workshop. I see in Malaysia there is a large market for such things as Joe McNally workshop was sold out in just 5 days! do let me me know what your thought is on this seriously, Honestly I wouldn’t even mind just flying you here for my own personal hands on lessons with you..heheh, seriously..thanks

  • melissa - hey Todd, indeed i have been one of the seminar pushers…. and, though i actually thought that i would treat my wedding day like a bit of a seminar/ learning experience and take mental notes on things that you did…. other things and people kept pulling me away. geez!
    anyway, i am definitely interested in your thought process and technical process…. like lens choices, strobes on the dance floor, how to get great shots in a short time frame/ under pressure. Also, i am very interested in the business end stuff. just officially starting out on my own, i’d love to hear how you first got started, marketed yourself and developed your distinct style/ rapport. also how to juggle life with work/ what aspects of the business you outsource (if you do). anyway, lots of questions! i hope you do this! thanks!

  • paul - Todd! Wow really glad to here you are interested in doing workshops! Really sad that I’m over in Korea and wouldn’t be able to attend it. Hopefully one day I could meet yea and learn from yea ^^ If I was at one of your workshops I would love to learn about your thought process during a wedding shoot and engagement session: like what lens would be good for this, what modes, apertures, etc… The two things that really stand out when I look at your pictures is that the people really POP from the photo and the colors in each photo are absolutely amazing. I would love to learn how you achieve such masterpieces! So maybe some post-processing talks would be great to hear as well ^^ btw, tx again for your book recommendations, I have been eating away through many of them and growing in knowledge ^^

  • Jennifer Smutek - Hello Todd! I always hoped that one day you would share your secrets! I am most interested in learning about your exposure and lighting techniques, particularly during the reception. I am also quite interested in your post-processing process. A workshop/seminar would be fantastic and you can bet I’d be in attendance.

    (and congrats on the new little one!)

  • Louie - Todd, I agree with Mark 100% with his comment of how you seem to bring to life a situation and scene to life that at first glance might not seem like much. So if I could get into your mindset on a shoot would be awesome. I also think that a post-edit workshop would be great too. I think that you can see a photo and really make it “pop” in post-production. I love your vignetting and dodging and burning style. Can’t wait to see you in action August 6th at my best friends wedding.

  • Joanna - Hello!! I love love to learn about your clarity and construction when you take a photograph. I would also like to compare notes when you edit photographs. I am still in the beginning stages of learning more professional photography, so I would love to take one of your workshops. I have admired your work for over a year and would love to really know your techniques!!

  • jeff tisman - Where do i put my credit card #?? i’m there!!


  • Claudio - I think I have decoded in part your technique because some of my pictures start to look like yours…
    What things to teach? Some of them I have “stolen” from here:

    How to use shallow DOF, or simulate it with Photoshop.
    Focus not always in faces, sometimes in objects. Sometimes even not show faces.
    In group o people sometimes sharp focus ony in one of them…
    Bounced flash..slave flash..
    How to train the eyes to find something beautiful where apparently there is nothing interesting..
    Maybe make people select some of your pictures and teach the secrets behind. :)

  • Todd - Hey everyone! Thank yo SO much to all of you who posted here and to those of you who emailed me as well. I really appreciate it and I think I have a good handle on what most of you are interested in learning. I will seriously take all your questions/comments into consideration when preparing my seminar. If there are other photographers out there who haven’t responded yet, but would like to, please do so, I am still very interested in hearing what you have to say!

  • Iris Cheung - Sorry for being your silent blog stalker for years. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! You’ve been a great inspiration to me. I want to know everything about how you shoot at engagement sessions and weddings. Example: lighting set up, equipment use, posing, interaction with clients, post-processing etc. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. :)

  • rachel darley - Ok… what wouldn’t I want to learn from you?! =)
    I would most enjoy seeing your interaction with clients, learning lighting and exposure techniques, post-editing and workflow….

  • Christina Wilson - I must admit that I just stumbled onto your website after looking at the photos you shot of Kristy and Alex’s wedding. I have done a few weddings myself but would love to learn more. I was so impressed my the light and mood in your images. I guess I would be interested in knowing what kind of prep kit you have and what post-processing tools you rely on most. Truly beautiful work!

  • MattW - There is a very good chance I will be living in northern NJ in the next 3-6 months and I would definitely be there if you do a workshop. I’d be interested in all the ins and outs of the wedding photography business, as I am considering pursuing the career myself.

  • Craig Metz Photography - I love your work and would love to hear an all inclusive wedding walk through. From sales pitch through finished product delivery. Hope you decide to do something.

  • John - Hi Todd- I would love to know the following either in a blog post, email response or from a workshop-

    Do you actively scout locations? I imagine that you carry a notepad and a rabbit’s foot wherever you go.

    What are you favorite “go-to” lenses? for portraits, reception candids, etc

    How many strobes are you using in general and notes on placement- I LOVE your lighting.

    Would def attend a workshop!


  • Autumn Pittelli - Hi! Going to Mystic in Jan. Looking forward to learning from yah! Your work has a very similar feel to ‘The Image is Found’ (my personal favorite photographers). I’m interested in learning about your gear (camera, lighting and post production). As I’m looking through your work, which I luv, I’m asking myself if these images are just as golden in-camera or if you can credit an editing process. Can’t tell from some of these portraits if you’re using flash or not (?) err…
    Which is the best indication of GREAT flash work–right? Many compliments to you on that! Off camera flash w/ my Nikon SB800s/900s is something I’m personally on a quest to refine. You’ve got great catch-lights in the eyes on the portraits and everything is so sharp and vibrant. Mystic in January, I’m hoping to learn two simple things which, to me, make your images stand-out **color **sharpness both in-camera and post-prod.

  • Stephanie - I’ve just discovered your photography and I’m so impressed! Would love to see how you get your exposures and beautiful colors! You are so talented with the contemporary vision.

    Stephanie Uptmor

  • Glenna - First let me tell you I love LOVE your stuff..
    Second… I know you from someplace, An online photography chat?
    A class? Better photo??


  • Estuardo Salazar - I really enjoy your work, I can spent hours scrolling on your Facebook, I would say that what I would love to learn from you would be, you post processing, your lighting specially in the reception, those shots are amazing, and of course, if you could give us a little bit of your thought process would be amazing, a workshop/ DVD it would on the top of my list of thing to buy during the year!

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