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Workshop and Platform Talk in Cologne Germany

I’m super excited to announce that I will be speaking at the European Wedding and Portrait Conference in Cologne Germany on November 17th through the 19th, and also doing a hands on full day workshop there as well. If you can make it on out, I highly recommend it! Just look at all the awesome speakers below!!! BONUS: their sponsor, FLORICOLR albums, is offering a 50€ discount for a limited time. Follow this link and get signed up! I hope to see you there!

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Get Your work Critiqued!

Ready to take a hard honest look at your photography with me? I’m SO excited about this! I am now offering critique sessions for photographers. I love helping other photographers see ways of improving their work. I think we as photographers are too close to our own work to know what can be improved. A fresh set of objective eyes can be just the thing we need to help us see what we ourselves can’t see. A critique session has the potential to completely change the way you think and approach your photography! That’s BIG stuff right there!  It will be intense, I will be honest, it may be painful, but growth sometimes hurts! Click on over here for more detailed information.

Srikant Rao - Its So awesome sir, There are No photographer Like U…

Julia Sikira - The wedding photos are really nice. I love these photos

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Come on out to Mystic!

If you have never experienced going to Mystic Seminars in Connecticut, then you truly ARE missing out on something special! If you have attended before, then you already know what I’m talking about! Walter van Dusen has, yet again, created a jam packed lined up of amazing speakers that will knock your socks off (if you even wear socks, whatevs)! I’m am SO honored to have been asked to speak again this year!  Seriously people, Mystic is an amazing place to gain valuable information, create new friendships, network, and chat with like minded people, all while doing so in a comfortable, relaxed environment. And anyone who has been before will tell you, Walter will take GREAT care of you! So, if you haven’t registered yet, what are you waiting for? Hmmm, perhaps you were waiting for some kind of generous discount code? Well, Walter has you covered, no excuses now! For all my peeps who sign up for a Full Registration, just enter the code “ToddL$75″ and guess what happens? Yep, BAM $75 off! DO IT!!! See ya there!


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Mentoring Session with Dean | Danielle + John photos

I had the pleasure of mentoring fellow photographer Dean a few weeks ago. Dean approached me looking to shake up the way he photographed weddings. We spent some time talking a little about his business, and critiquing some of his work. Then we headed out with one of my future wedding clients, Danielle and John, who of course, were so much fun to work with, thanks guys! I showed Dean how I approach a shoot overall, and also my thought process while looking for and setting up specific shots. Thanks Dean, I hope you really turn the corner with your photography! Here are a few shots from our session together.


nadya - awesome! Lucky Dean…love the one of them in shiloutte thats an awesome shot!!

Rohit Acharya - Dang man! The silhouette is a sketch :) , It is awesome!

Lauren - Beautiful… Danie is my cousin so I love these :) Can’t wait for the wedding shots!

Chelsea Patricia (Atlanta Wedding Photographer) - Black and white running silhouette=BALLIN’.

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Speaking at the 2011 Foundation Conference

I’m so incredibly honored to have been asked to speak at the 2011 Foundation Conference this coming November in New Orleans. The lineup of speakers is amazing, and although this will be my first time going to the conference myself, I have a good feeling that they will be doing things a little differently. I love this quote from Ed Atrero about a past conference;

It’s a chance to hang and talk shop with the badasses of our industry. R.W.A. Rockstars Without Attitude. There’s no BS peddling of products by the speakers. Presenters are slangin the straight dope.

Click on over to here for more information.

Christine - CONGRATULATIONS! You deserve this honor!!!!!!!!!!!

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My first public speaking engagement

I am SO excited to be speaking at Mystic 6 this coming weekend. This is such an awesome four day event for wedding photographers! I have been going to the Mystic Seminars, hosted by Walter Van Dusen, for the last 3 years and each year Walter seems to outdo himself. This year looks to be no different either! This will also be my first time getting up in front of over 200 of my peers to impart some of my knowledge. I am both nervous and excited at the same time! Photographers, if you aren’t busy this weekend, there may be some spots open, come on out and hear the likes of Yervant, Cliff Mautner, Jesh De Rox, David Beckstead and so many more other talented photographers! Here is a link for some more information.

I am still trying to catch up with my blog posting, and I have SO much more to blog, so hang in there. Preparing for Mystic has taken much more time than I had anticipated, so things got pushed back a little further, but rest assured, when I get back I will get all caught up, promise!

john arcara - See you there man! Specifically going to see you! HAHA! We are going with Graphi Studio. I am also specifically going to punk out on JDR…

Walter van Dusen - You are going to do a great job. Safe travels to Mystic. Walter

Kristi Odom - I can’t wait to see you speak! I love your work! So fun, crazy, and yet full of personality. You are going to rock it! See you in a few :)

Mabyn - I can’t wait! It’s such an amazing line up this year and your presence was a definite selling point! You’ll be great! See you on Thursday! :)

jeff tisman - Don’t worry todd, we won’t heckle too loud!!

Kris Rupp - See you there Todd!! I think I may just set up a tent outside the door the night before so I can sit directly in front of you when the doors open….yes, that is the plan. Do you think Maggie, Jeff, Suzanne…etc… will fit in the two person tent???? Hmmmmm. Only for you. ;)

Maggie McGill - I am SO starting the wave in the crowd…don’t even attempt to stop me :o >
Laffler rules, period end of sentence.

Erin Kiok - Good luck Todd!!

jeff tisman - sounds cozy kris!

Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone! :)

Quelyn - AHHHh you “profile pic” up in that collage is amazing.

Tracy - You were AWESOME!! It was wonderful to be there for your first speaking gig. Congrats! :)

miah klein - Congrats, you are speaking with the big shots for a reason.

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Wedding Photography | A Guide to Posing {Monthly e-book}

I’m so honored to have a bunch of my work featured in David Pierce’s monthly e-book Wedding Photography, A Guide to Posing. If you are a wedding photographer you might want to check out this new handy e-book which will be coming out every month. Note: I’m not selling this e-book, my work is just being featured in it. If you want to look into it further, just follow the link above. Here are a couple of screen grabs and some more information for you.

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