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I just love tropical locations for weddings. Well, just in general really, I love tropical locations! So, I was super duper excited when Anna and Eugene contacted me about their destination wedding in Cancun Mexico. It was my first time in Cancun, and it did not disappoint! PLUS, I got to work with the amazingly talented Miss Citlalli Rico! I think what I love most about destination weddings is that only the closest people to the couple make the trek out to help them celebrate. And because of that, I find them to be filled with more emotion. Anna and Eugene had a wonderful day surrounded by family and close friends. It was my absolute pleasure and honor to have documented their day! I also loved photographing the Mayan Dance that was performed during the reception. It was so interesting! I also enjoyed grabbing a few extra shots of Anna and Eugene the day after the wedding. Many thanks to Ro, who assisted me! Congratulations Anna and Eugene!

Part three of my Guatemalan adventure consist of photographs taken on Kate + Ryan’s wedding day. Oops, except for the second photo which was actually take at the rehearsal dinner the night before. I loved the entire vibe of Kate and Ryan’s wedding! Everything! Just check out the photos and see what you think.

  • Joseph Delgado - Tremendous…plain and simple. Great colors, light, expressions, etc. Also the zoom technique for the exit is brilliant.

  • Oscar - Still my hero! This set is just dripping with awesome sauce.

  • andrew - Love the hat

  • Dennis Berti - Always a pleasure see your photos! Such a clean and beautiful compositions

  • AndreaC - Just incredible!!

While my friend David M and I were in Guatemala shooting Kate and Ryan’s wedding, we were both blown away by our surroundings in the town of Antigua. So much so, that we we asked some of the wedding guests if they were interested in doing some free impromptu couples’ sessions. We found 2 wonderful couples who were up for it. We spent a little time with both Jenny + Jamie and then with Anni + Chris. Thanks for indulging us guys, you were all so awesome!

  • Bogdan - Awesome colours! And awesome work as usual :-).

  • Kelsey - Gorgeous! The colors are just amazing! Beautiful work!

  • katrina - Sooooo sooooooo very very good!!

This blog post is LONG overdue! A little over two years ago, I had the distinct pleasure of traveling to Guatemala with my friend David M to photograph Kate + Ryan’s wedding. During my down time I was able to stroll around the city of Antigua and see what I could find. I love this city! SO colorful, the food was amazing, and the people so interesting. One day I will get back here, I just know it. I will follow up with some wedding guest impromptu “couple sessions”, Kate and Ryan’s wedding day, and then an epic hike up an active volcano! For now, here are a few snaps from around the city of Antigua.

  • Anni Bruno - That’s my husband’s ankle in that shoe-shining shot! Such an amazing place. Lovely to see these!!! xoxo Anni

  • David Mielcarek - Aaaah…good times! So many awesome memories and beautiful work here. I remember when you were patiently waiting to take the shot of the street lamp shadow and the red wall – when the woman was walking into the frame you said “I think I clicked too soon”… and then it turned out to be just perfect. Hope to do this again one day!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks David! It really was an amazing trip, I can’t wait to return one day!

  • Rosemary Martinez - I totally love your work remind me my country Honduras”

  • Jerzy Modrak - These photos remind me of my trips to Cuba and Mexico. There is nothing like Latin America for a wedding.

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