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If you think of the “best of” blog posts as one great big firework display, then this would be the grand finale! But before we let the fireworks do a little visual gymnastics on your peepers, I need to thank a few people first. Big ups to Michelle Arlotta who handles most of my editing, the album designs, and soon will also be my much needed office manager. Basically, she has become my right arm! YAY! Also, thanks to all the second photographers whom I have been honored to work alongside, thanks for all your hard work in 2010! A ginormous thank you to my assistant Ali Doyle too! She makes my wedding days go SO smoothly, and turns me into a better photographer! A quick thank you to my family for putting up with the long hours I put into this! And last but certainly not least, to ALL of my wonderful clients who appreciate what I do and entrust me to capture their wedding days in fun and unique ways! I seriously love all you guys!!!! hmmm I am starting to feel like I just won an award or something! Ok, ok I’m gettin’ the hook! On with the show…

  • Kristi Odom - Wow, I keep looking at this post over and over! Amazing!!!

  • Brian Kraft - Fireworks!

  • Antoinette & Jon - so incredible todd! the entire collection is just breathtaking!!

  • Karen - Todd – I have just been enthralled by all of your ‘Best of 2010′ posts. You are brilliant and so creative. What a whirlwind of emotions – I laughed and I cried (sometimes at the same time). Thank you for sharing.

  • Erin Kiok - Thank YOU for such amazing wedding photos!!

  • rina - I went on our site to tell one of my classmates about your work right before my evening class at 6pm. I was not expecting to see a pic of Jason and I on any of your current post and let out a little yelp in the NYU computer lab! It was a fun surprise and great to relive the memory of our wedding day. Thank you, Todd, for capturing how special it was to us. You are sensitive to how unique every couple is and have a great talent for capturing what makes their wedding day special.
    Wishing you all our best,
    rina & jason :-)

  • Jackie A. - Lovely! I’m a blog stalker for a while now lol and I just have to say, love your work :)

  • James Schokman - Seriously Todd, your work ethic to do whatever it takes to get the shot should show all brides and grooms that not all wedding photographers are of the same calibre. If you are not winning awards this year, something is wrong with the process. Also how do you get your assistant to hold that remote flash so consistently behind the subject? She’s epic !

  • Andrea Matone photographer - inspiring work.. stunning imagery.. my reference point in wedding photography..

  • Tall - SO. RAD. MIND. BLOWN.

  • Keri - Todd looking at these pictures makes me even more excited for my wedding! I am so happy we found you!!! All unbelievable shots!

Up next is the best of 2010 in the reception category. I swear, my couples throw the most rockin’ parties around!!!! Enjoy.

  • James - Laff, truly phenomenal work. That you can nail that many winners in one year is nothing short of amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Kim - you are amazing!!!!!

  • KrisD Mauga - you always ROCK then RECEPTIONS! I feel like I need to be there because each one looks like the best party EVER!

  • jay - you put so much energy into these! truly inspirational.

  • amber montgomery - simply the greatest photographer in the world!!!
    I only hope I can hire you when my daughters get married!!
    I have 3 left!! :)

  • Bob - The garter shot with the old woman screaming has to be one of the funniest pics I have ever seen.
    Awesome work as always

  • Angela Mum Laffler - Proud of you Todd! And thanks to the lady who commented above as I am now the mother of “the best photographer in the world” x

  • Lyle - Haha! These are the greatest shots ever! LOVE the humor and the life!

Here is another boat load of photos for you. This time it’s the best of 2010 in the ceremony category. Stay tuned for the reception category photos coming soon!

  • rach d. - oh Todd, I look forward to what 2011 brings for you. SUCH amazing work, I *love* every single image you capture/create. The emotions jump out of every photo!

  • Tony - you are THE BEST . . .

  • Brandi - The moments you catch of children during the ceremony are always some of m faves!

  • David Chandler - Simply FANTASTIC! No one I’d rather shoot a wedding with. Kudos to your awesome clients too.

  • Marcelo Gongora - Realmente inspirador y de lo mejor que he visto últimamente. Gracias from Spain

DISCLAIMER: I know these best of 2010 posts will most likely take a while to load up, so if that’s the case, you might want to just click on the title of each blog post so that your browser is only loading that one single post. Or you can open my blog and then open a new window and go check out for a bit, just remember to come back! Enjoy!

  • Hilda Burke - Todd, you are my hero. I stalk your blog regularly, and you never disappoint.Your vision is so unique and fresh, it pretty much blows everyone else out of the water. Thank you for giving me something to aim for.

  • nadya - LOVE it :) thats all….

  • NYC Faces Makeup Artist Anni Bruno - Wow! Every image is a work of art!

  • Tim Camuso - Good stuff Todd. As always.

  • Jennifer Boyle - Todd, you are amazing. I am going out of my mind with jealousy at what a phenomenal photographer you are.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much Hilda. DO you think I should start sporting a cape when I photograph weddings from now on? How funny would that be? :)

    Thanks for taking the time to comment everyone, I really appreciate it!!!!

  • Luis - It’s hard to write anything different than everyone else. Just great stuff. Always looking to your blog for inspiration.

  • Paul mcguigan - Hi Todd,

    Really excellent photographs and I really enjoy following your blog. Your mastery of the camera but also your ability to ‘see’ the light is very impressive. Put that together with your ability to capture all of the motions during the wedding day and you are a superb photographer.

    Enough schmoozing from me, keep up the good work mate ;-)

  • Mark - So many amazing images, Todd!

  • Brian Kraft - I reckon you spend a fair amount of time laying on the ground while you work. If you wore a cape at the same time, I think you could bring things to new and interesting levels.

Prepare to have your bandwidth put to the test over the next week! Because here comes a barrage of photographs kareening towards your monitor! I tried SO hard to narrow down the amount of photos in each “Best of 2010″ category, but no matter how hard I tried to cut out photos, the numbers just kept growing and growing as I did each category. I will try to post a new category each day, so carve out some “you” time, grab a drink of your choice, a comfy chair and enjoy! First up, details details details! Have at ‘em!

  • Kat Forsyth - Mind officially blown. Where do you FIND all those things to put the rings on? Awesome beyond belief!

  • Brian Kraft - I wish I could attach a picture of myself with my finger on my lips all ‘pblbplblbplblpblpblbplbl.’ That’s what I’m doing after seeing all those shots.

  • amber montgomery - inspired once again!! truly amazed with all your creative ideas.

  • Brian - Incredible work!

  • matt wilson - The last supper one… brilliant, as is the NYTimes one. All the edible ones, especially the donuts, are magically delicious. And of course the Muhammad Ali one is “the greatest of all time!”

  • Stephen Govel - dude, you’re an absolute legend.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everybody!
    KAT, ummm I don’t know, I just show up and figure something out! :)
    LOL@Brian KRAFT! :P

  • Kristen - Lovely stuff! My favourite is the lime shot. Would love an indepth post on your ring shots.. mostly how you make them stay in position!

  • Mark - Freakin’ heck, Todd – awesome creativity.

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