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2008 | Best of {Weddings}

I just can’t get over what an incredible year 2008 was! I had 41 awesome couples who let me share their big days with them. A GINORMOUS THANK YOU to each and every one of you! It was my absolute pleasure to capture your day of days, and I feel truly honored you chose me to do so! I put together a slide show using some of my favorite wedding images taken in 2008. It’s a little long though, so grab a nice cup of coffee, sit back in your chair, relax, and enjoy the show. Thanks again to all of my great couples, and a huge congratulations to you! Without further ado, I present to you all, The 2008 Best of Weddings slide show.

Todd Laffler’s best wedding photos of 2008 | - [...] time after Todd Laffler posted his best engagement photos of 2008 that he would come out with his best wedding photos of 2008 too! I totally forgot about this, but I came across a picture of Andrea and Jordan’s wedding [...]

Dana Schneider - Todd, you amaze me more and more…beautiful slide show!

Krystal Radlinski - Just fantastic. You guys just don’t get enough recognition for the impeccable quality of work you put out.

A longtime fan,

jennifer - WOW! looks like you had a great year. Can’t wait to see 2009.

Victoria Reinstra - Just beautiful. Makes me want to do it again!! Your work is so wonderful, you truely have a gift and it shows. Enjoy 09.

Onada Photography - your work is beautiful! Here’s to an even better 2009

Alexa Catalin - You are such a great photographer. I love your work, it really inspires me.

Sherry Sutton Anderson - I’m honored to be one of your 2008 weddings! You are a constant inspiration to me… especially now that I am following in your footsteps as a professional photographer. Keep up the amazing work. XOXO

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2008 | Best of {Details}

I decided to throw a quick slide show together using only detail shots I had taken in 2008. It’s mostly rings, a few dresses, a splash of shoes, and a peppering of flowers. Enjoy!

Melissa Papaj - Great as always! I love how you are so creative with the ring shots!

Kara - Love the slideshow and music! What’s the name of the song and artist, if you don’t mind?

Todd - Hi Kara. Thanks! The artist is Sondre Lerche and the song title is “Let My Love Open The Door”

kamieo - Do you mind me asking where did you create this slide show?

Todd - Hi Kamieo. I am using a program called Showit Web. Thanks

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2008 | Best of {Engagement Sessions}

2008 was certainly a banner year for laffler photography! It was jam packed with unbelievable clients who entrusted me to record their special memories for them. It’s not something I take lightly, and am so grateful for the opportunity! A big thank you to all of you! I have compiled a slide show, sort of the greatest hits of 2008, of all the engagement sessions I did in 2008. Stay tuned for the 2008 best of Weddings coming soon! Enjoy.

Ashley & Jason - Nice work Todd! Can’t wait to see more!

Todd Laffler posts the best engagement photos of 2008 | - [...] Todd Laffler has put together a slideshow of the best engagement pictures he took in 2008. If you’re looking for some top-notch wedding/engagement photography, look no further than Todd Laffler’s collection featured on his website. [...]

Julie - Hi Todd!

Just browsing photography blogs & came across yours. What a great slide show presentation of your gorgeous work! You are highly creative & talented! Wonderful tribute to your clients, friends & YOU!

Aaron Oster - Beautiful shots–very natural & fun, even in the more high-concept stuff. Your environmental portraits are inspirational.

Adam - Great stuff Todd! I was looking for engagement photo inspiration and I found it! Thanks!

Antony Pratap - Awesomeness! Total inspiration! I’m gonna take some tips from here =)

Thanks for sharing!!

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