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Inspect me for ticks! | Behind the Scenes

This behind the scenes look at me in action comes from Ann and Dean’s wedding. My friend David Lim grabbed this shot of me photographing Ann... MORE PLEASE »

run away cart {behind the scenes}

So, this behind the scenes installment is slightly different in that it’s not a photo of me actually shooting, but instead setting up a shot.... MORE PLEASE »

Alex’s Pointer Finger! {Behind the Scenes}

This behind the scenes installment comes from Alex and Kristy’s wedding. While I was photographing Kristy and Alex, every so often Alex would... MORE PLEASE »

Down + Dirty {Behind the Scenes}

This behind the scenes shot comes from Sabrina and Jeff’s wedding which I photographed about a year ago. We were down in Asbury Park by the old... MORE PLEASE »

Bring it! {Behind the Scenes}

I had this cool photograph that my friend Christopher David took of me while shooting on a wedding day, and I started messing around with it a... MORE PLEASE »

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