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Hi, I’m Todd Laffler, sole photographer, and owner of Laffler Photography.

I began my journey in photography when I was a teenager. My mother showed me how to shoot, develop, and print black and white photographs in her makeshift darkroom in the basement. I was hooked immediately. I started photographing what I knew best, which at the time was skateboarding. Photographing action at its zenith day in and day out really honed my sense of timing. This skill is a tremendous advantage while shooting weddings in a photojournalistic style where anticipation, and vigilance for capturing key emotions and expressions is critical.

After high school I attended the Maryland Institute College of Art, one of the nation’s top-ranked art schools, where I earned my BFA in photography. College really fine tuned my photographic skills, and greatly contributed to my current aesthetic in photography. In 2012 I was incredibly honored to be named one of the top ten wedding photographers in the world by American Photo Magazine.

I usually work in a very relaxed and laid back style while shooting a wedding. I like to let the events of the day unfold naturally and just be prepared to capture them as they happen. Although there does need to be some direction from me during the family and “formal” photographs, I try to have fun with it, doing unique shots and keeping things light. For the most part though, I stay in the background as a quiet observer. It is very important to me that the photographs I create at a wedding are unique and artistic, and when seen collectively, tell the entire story of the day.

Most of my clients have an affinity for photography or are photographers themselves. It’s important to them that their wedding photographs are not mere documentary replicas of moments, but rather artistic impressions and interpretations of fleeting interactions and relationships between important people to them. I am extremely proud and honored to call myself a Wedding Photographer.

  • Corey - I saw a post mentioning your name on DWF and checked out your stuff. Your talent is ridiculous. Going through your blog gave me tons of inspiration. Great job!

  • Joel Hall - I just have to say you are THE most talented photographer I have ever seen. I enjoy looking at your blog, your creativity is second to none!

  • David Chandler - Inspiring and ridiculously awesome. Keep up the outstanding work. Also, your b&g’s are pretty sweet too.

  • Dennis Pike - Glad to see I am not the only person that went from shooting skateboarding to shooting weddings. Maybe it’s a Jersey thing.

  • Nim Luong - Hey Todd, I stumbled across your site while trawling through the DWF forums, love your work buddy!

  • Obi Nwokedi - Dude, just came across your blog, and I’ve now declared you my best wedding photographer of all time.

    Simply amazing work

  • Jon Reber - Todd, Truly amazing and inspiring images! Your website is great too! I am honored to know such an extraordinary person.

  • Ellen Le Roy - Please go to the Abie Straps website and pick out a strap I can send you. I am so inspired. This was better than a workshop, and I will be back often. I hope to meet you in person someday.

  • Kristina - Todd, I absolutely love your style! Beautiful images! I will be checking back often!

  • George Pahountis - My Respect!

  • L.Bernik - Hello there! I was wondering if you are available to shoot a wedding on June 2, 2012 in Fresno, CA? Thank you!

  • gebbia - I’m hooked! nuff said…

  • BRENDA - Thanks for the smiles that your beautiful artwork produces:) Your talent is truly amazing and I can’t take this silly grin off my face! <3

  • Jashim Jalal - Dude, I am hooked!!! This is some inspiring work! Everything is so refreshing…I love it all!!!!!!!!!!

  • tim king - Great to get to know your background – but what I love most, is that the URL for this page is “about-this-crap”. I love how you keep it real man, looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  • norman yu - Todd your work is so AMAZING and also so INSPIRING! You’re one of the greatest I’ve ever seen and I thought I’ve seen talented wedding photographers but I haven’t seen anything like your work. I hope to meet you one day please keep up the BRILLIANT work! Thank you for your inspiration..!

  • Kimberly - You are amazing and inspiring!! True genius!!

  • Elly - inspired and grateful that you share your work with us…..amazing shots …wish i could meet you and pic (lol) your brain for a while…. please let me know when and if u give any classes in new york i would jump at a chance like that in a flash (lol)
    a vey humbled

  • Tim - Hey Todd!
    Your work is fantastic!!!
    I found you from the Fearless Photographers website!
    Rock on!

  • Eddy Gaths - Todd your style is truly mad inspiring. As am starting out on photographing weddings, am glad I run into your site now I can comfortably av found a style of photography worth pursuing. Natural light rocks.

  • Eddy Gaths - Todd your style is truly mad inspiring. As am starting out on photographing weddings, am glad I run into your site, now I can comfortably say I have found a style of photography worth pursuing. Natural light rocks.

  • James Moro - I found one of your photos through a junebug best of weddings 2013 feature..and…you’re now up there in my top 5 list of favorite wedding photographers.

    Seriously, your work is just plain rad, and this is coming from a fellow wedding photographer :)

    I’m definitely going to have to drop you a line whenever I get married.

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