Ro + Matt

I first met Ro while photographing her cousin Eugene’s wedding in Cancun Mexico a few years ago. While photographing Eugene + Anna’s day after session we ran into Ro who helped me with a shot and then wound up assisting me for the rest of the time! Fast forward to 2015 in Napa Valley California and I see Ro again at another relatives wedding, Rich + Jennifer! And now it was Ro + Matt’s turn to get hitched! Their wedding officially kicked off my 2016 wedding season, and let me say, what a stellar start! It was such a beautiful day from start to finish! Ro + Matt have amazing chemistry together and was such a joy to spend the day with both of them, not to mention all their friends and family too! Congratulations to you both, and I hope to see you again at another wedding, although I think we may be running out of relatives!


  • Marni Finder - Love everything you do!!! You probably hear this all the time… but your work is the pinnacle of good wedding photography…. I only wish I could roll back the years and get married again so you could be my wedding photographer!!!

    If you don’t mind me asking… How do you

  • Marni Finder - My previous message accidentally didn’t get finished… Oops!

    How do you manage such sharp, vivid detail on the dance floor for intimate shots without a lot of lighting or by being too intrusive with your couple? I struggle with lighting during receptions… Thanks.

  • Lisa Fiorenza Campo - Fantastic!

  • Susan D'Agostino Chirichella - Amazing pictures!!!

  • Debbie Young - Love Love Love!! ????

  • Ella Gertopsky - Beautiful couple! Amazing pictures! Good Luch Rosanna Fishman and Matt

  • Laurie DeCherico - Best time ever!

  • Danielle Sabella - Amazing pics!!!

  • Nicole Perine - Awesome Photography!

  • Danielle Nola - Each picture told a story … They are all so wonderful!

  • Joan D'Antoni Ferraro - Absolutely gorgeous photos. Every one of them beautiful. Matt and Rosanna are so photogenic. Fabulous photographer.

  • Todd Laffler - Thank you so much for your kind words Marni. I’m mostly a “zoom” guy, so I try not to be too too close to the subjects during first dances and speeches etc. but for the dancing stuff I am pretty close with my 16mm-35mm and typically bouncing my on camera flash and using an assistant for a little back lighting. I do sharpen my images, but even sharpen them a second time (just a little) once they are sized down for the blog as well. Hope that helps.

  • Rita Ferrara - Amazing pics. you captured the true spirit of the day

  • Fotograf slubny Wroclaw - So many great images. Beautiful reportage!

  • Zeller Cindy - wonderful !

  • Yorlin Acosta Medrano - perfectas

  • Mario Seti√©n - Thank you for all these pictures. Mario

  • Carine - Beautiful story!

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