{best of} 2015 Prep

Here are some of my favorite shots from 2015 in the category of prep. Enjoy!


  • Chiara - Love your style

  • Tara Jaye Theilen - Nice Todd! Really great images.

  • Todd Laffler - Thank you!

  • Michael Broschard - Todd Laffler – as I’ve mentioned to you personally…2015 was a hot year for you! Seriously – if one could get more than a 5-star rating, you’d get twenty! Your lighting techniques are not just consistent, but personalized to fallter each and every subject! You’re fearless with hanging over 50 foot ledges for those ‘birds-eye-views’ I love so much. The color, contrast, creative depth-of-field continues to enthrall me – each image and somehow or another – you charm your clients into being the best subjects on the planet for collaborating to capture such essence, emotion and expression – you can tell a story better than the best! Congrats on Nine years of capturing beloved heirlooms for all your clients – gives me goosebumps thinking about all the generations to come who will treasure these images of their great-great-great grandparents! All the best for your milestone DECADE! So exciting!

  • Allison Gehlhaus - These are so beautiful. I love how you capture the moments that really make each wedding unique. These are really special.

  • Nathan - Seriously! I may just give up, you have some serious talent there! Beautiful work.

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