Gina + CG

Holy smokes, Gina + CG had a fun wedding! These two had such great chemistry together too! So easy to photograph. CG has this fun and very expressive face too! I had a great time documenting their wedding day which took place at one of my favorite venues as well, The Crossed Keys Inn! Did I mention that Gina and CG’s friends know how to have a good time! Wait until you see the shots from the dance floor! Congratulations guys, it was my absolute pleasure!

  • Khanh Nguyen - DUDE you rocks everytime you post something. Moments angles and light are awesome!

  • Gina - Hi Todd,
    CG & I just looked at these… SO AMAZING!!! It was so awesome to relive the day again & even better to relive it through your eyes. Thank You Thank You from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Lanny Mann - So good, Todd. 2nd last is my favourite!

  • Nicole Thomas - Awesome wedding ceremony,Your photos are gorgeous! Absolutely stunning! I’m glad your photographer was able to capture so many great moments.The bride is wearing my absolute favorite wedding dress! The styling of this couple’s wedding is just beautiful as is the photography! Thanks for sharing this! I love it!
    Nicole Thomas

  • Louie DeJesus - I agree with Lanny. Freezing the drops in the air with the expressions of the guys. Classic shot

  • Visionary productions - You have captured every photo with so much creativity. I like your work. Shutter speed in second last photo made it awesome. My favorite photo is the one in which you beautifully captured the groom in bride’s eye.

  • Heran Guan - Fabulous Wedding Photos! As a wedding photographer, I know how is time intense during the wedding. It is not easy to capture such a lot of great moments.

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