A day to kill in the San Francisco Area

So, after shooting Amy + Sam’s wedding in Napa Valley, I had a day to kill the following day. I decided to take a short bi plane ride over the area to see what I could see. It was a great experience, and I’m so glad I did it. Afterwards, I headed out to a park near Oakland for a little hike in the woods. Then it was off for some food in San Fransisco and a beer at a pub, Sorry, no photos of the eating and drinking. Here are a few photos of my day. Enjoy!

  • Chad Pennington - Man, I wish I had time like that on my destination weddings.

    Good captures. How much was the biplane ride

  • Joe Payne - Great work, Todd! I’m a sucker for lines!

  • Wouterking - Great photography..

  • Wouterkingma - WOW!!!You are such a great professional wedding photographer.Your work is so wonderful…I love your works…

  • Raul Raise - Best photography your work is really wonderful.

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