Allison + Ira

I had a blast photographing Allison + Ira’s wedding! Although it rained all day, and kept us indoors, it didn’t stop anyone from enjoying the day one bit. While I was with Allison in the morning I remember her on the phone with someone, and she had such a placid and calm demeanor about her. When she hung up the phone, she plainly stated that Ira’s boutonniere had been in a car accident. This struck me as quite funny. No one was hurt, but the car containing Ira’s boutonniere was involved in an accident and would be delayed. Despite the rain, it turned out to be a wonderful wedding with lots of emotion and laughs along the way. Thanks for having me along guys, and congratulations!

  • Manel Tamayo - Simply SUPERB !!! When a wedding in Barcelona, Todd?

  • Anne + Björn - Really cool!

  • Maureen Cassidy - OMGAWWWWWWWD!!!!!!!!!!
    seriously! I am still shaking my head from the brilliance and kickassery!
    nice work

  • Leah - Grand wedding!!! Very expressive photographs. Clearly depict how each and every moment was enjoyed. Thanks for sharing it

  • tracey sanders - love how the ring bearer is clutching that car coming down the aisle! great photos, feels like I was there…

  • steven - Ha ha ha, the one with the marriage certificate wins 🙂

  • Ever Lopez - Your ringshots always make my day, but this one is a killer!!

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