Julie + Ran

Julie + Ran had themselves a wonderful wedding day surrounded by tons of family and friends! And even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, it didn’t put a damper on the day. Ba-dum-bump! We did their first looks outside, and then one quick shot after that, and the skies opened up. So, I naturally headed for the parking garage to see what I could come up with. That’s one thing about being a wedding photographer is that you have to be flexible at the drop of a hat, or in this case a rain drop. I had a great time documenting the entire day. Congratulations Julie and Ran!

  • Citlalli Rico - Wow Todd!! I love this post!! That second to last B&W pic of love demonstration is awesome!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much Citlalli!

  • pamela - holy freaking WOW!!! Your ability to catch the most amazingly emotionally rich moments is astounding Sir!

  • Linda - Amazing and magnificent.These photos caught the joy and laughter, the love, and elegance of their wedding from the beginning to the end.

  • galart fotografos - Impresionantes, Tood. Me gustan todas…

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Awesome work Todd !!!

  • Kristen Driscoll - Awesome! Ha! I love the one of the little girl pouting.. lol.

  • Alper - Sweet Couple! Great Shots as usual! 🙂

    and I see some fearless awards coming 😀

  • Dan and Melissa - I love these pictures! Amazing job!

  • Pete Henderson - Such a great set of images Todd. (As always.)

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