Heidi + George

Heidi + George had a sort of low key and laid back wedding, well, except for the “exploding” cake that is! It was a wonderful day spent with friends and family. And of course, when there are kids at weddings, I will most likely photograph them! Heidi and George’s wedding was no exception. I had a great time hanging out with these two at the Pleasantdale Chateau here in New Jersey. Congratulations guys!

  • Hilda Burke - Looks like it was a very fun wedding!! Great photos 🙂

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Great work Todd with some superb pics !!! Magnífico !!!

  • Pedro Ferrera - Amazing work! Each of your photos make me say one wow! again and again Congratulation!

  • George - Superb! Whatta fun wedding!

  • Debra Schoenberger - Looked like a fun wedding Todd! I always enjoy your images. I actually laughed at one!

  • angela lyons - I wish I could meet this couple…they look awesome!!!

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