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Heidi + George had a sort of low key and laid back wedding, well, except for the “exploding” cake that is! It was a wonderful day spent with friends and family. And of course, when there are kids at weddings, I will most likely photograph them! Heidi and George’s wedding was no exception. I had a great time hanging out with these two at the Pleasantdale Chateau here in New Jersey. Congratulations guys!

  • Hilda Burke - Looks like it was a very fun wedding!! Great photos 🙂

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Great work Todd with some superb pics !!! Magnífico !!!

  • Pedro Ferrera - Amazing work! Each of your photos make me say one wow! again and again Congratulation!

  • George - Superb! Whatta fun wedding!

  • Debra Schoenberger - Looked like a fun wedding Todd! I always enjoy your images. I actually laughed at one!

  • angela lyons - I wish I could meet this couple…they look awesome!!!

Julie + Ran had themselves a wonderful wedding day surrounded by tons of family and friends! And even though the weather didn’t exactly cooperate, it didn’t put a damper on the day. Ba-dum-bump! We did their first looks outside, and then one quick shot after that, and the skies opened up. So, I naturally headed for the parking garage to see what I could come up with. That’s one thing about being a wedding photographer is that you have to be flexible at the drop of a hat, or in this case a rain drop. I had a great time documenting the entire day. Congratulations Julie and Ran!

  • Citlalli Rico - Wow Todd!! I love this post!! That second to last B&W pic of love demonstration is awesome!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much Citlalli!

  • pamela - holy freaking WOW!!! Your ability to catch the most amazingly emotionally rich moments is astounding Sir!

  • Linda - Amazing and magnificent.These photos caught the joy and laughter, the love, and elegance of their wedding from the beginning to the end.

  • galart fotografos - Impresionantes, Tood. Me gustan todas…

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Awesome work Todd !!!

  • Kristen Driscoll - Awesome! Ha! I love the one of the little girl pouting.. lol.

  • Alper - Sweet Couple! Great Shots as usual! 🙂

    and I see some fearless awards coming 😀

  • Dan and Melissa - I love these pictures! Amazing job!

  • Pete Henderson - Such a great set of images Todd. (As always.)

Jenelle and Michael got married at my new most favorite venue to shoot at, The Metropolitan Building! When the weather is nice, like it was for Jenelle and Michael’s wedding, I typically spend some time photographing outdoors at some point during the wedding. But the Metropolitan Building is just so cool, I didn’t see the need to go anywhere else! I had a wonderful time documenting their big day, surrounded by lots of their friends and family! And of course, anytime I get to work with Sojourner and her team from Erganic Design, it’s always a slam dunk of a wedding! Congratulations Jenelle and Michael!

  • Florence - wow ! amazing !

  • Dani Alda - Pure magic!!!!!!!

  • galart fotografos - Fantásticas…todas geniales.

  • Sarah Corbett - Loooooooooove this wedding! So unique!!! Brilliant work Todd.

  • MANEL TAMAYO - I love the look of this wedding and your new touch !!! This is not your usual look for your works but love it !!! Great Todd!

  • Naqib - Great work..till this day you never fail to inspire me 🙂

  • Jenelle - Todd, these are beautiful! Can’t wait to see the full set. It’s album making time 🙂

  • Kisha Morgan - Holy moly!!!!

    Two words: Awesome Sauce

  • cedric - fantastic!

  • Debbie - Magical… Amazing.
    Congrats to the Bride and Groom

  • Tim - Yes, absolutely perfect!

  • feuza - the one of couple laying on colored chairs and one of mirror and groom sitting are my favorites, love how you always capture emotion!

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