Kerri + Jaime

I met up with Kerri and Jaime at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens for their engagement session. We had fun strolling around the grounds, trying to avoid all the other people, and “bots” that kept trying scurry us out right at closing time. That’s ok, we just hopped over to Prospect Park to finish things up. The sun was out in full force and I squeezed it for all it’s worth! Thanks for a fun day guys, see you soon!

  • Urška Majer - Wow! These are simply stunning!

  • Kristen Driscoll - Your photos are so much fun to look at. I was searching the background to see what you focused on for the person behind the logs. I LOVE the photo in the lavender field with the bride in the foreground – foreshadowing! It is hard to pick a favorite – but the one where they are standing in the strip of light is just awesome and may just be my fave for this post (tied with the lavender one… and the boy in the logs) – ah can’t pick just one fave. Your work is like the Beatles.. so difficult to narrow down to one favorite song/photo because they are all amazing! 🙂

  • Susana Barberá - The one with the little babe on the back… thats my favorite one 🙂

  • Derren - Great session! I especially love the silhouettes in the tunnel and the frame third from the bottom. Awesome work!

  • Manuel Bono - Great work, you’re a teacher for me.
    Greetings from Spain.

  • oriana - Awesome pictures! congratulations

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