Angela + Allen

March can be a very tricky month to plan a wedding here in New Jersey! It could be sunny and warm with tulips popping up, OR it can be cold and snowing! Today, Angela and Allen got the latter for their wedding day. Not to worry though, we totally rocked the snow! While we were confined for the most part to being indoors, lucky for me, the hotel they were getting ready at had some cool spots I could utilize. We also braved the snow and cold for a few shots outside as well. Thank you Angela! This was such a great wedding to officially kick off my 2013 wedding season! Congratulations Angela + Allen, I had a blast spending the day with you both! Please note: there is a photo of Angela in the Women’s bathroom. Angela invited me in to get a funny shot. We made sure no other women were in the bathroom at the time and had someone guarding the door as well.

F R E E   S T U F F