Lauren + Chris

I kind of knew Lauren + Chris’ wedding was going to be amazing when I rolled up to Lauren’s prep location, got out of the car and saw her dress already hanging in the window, looking amazing! Not to mention the fact that part of the day (during their portraits) was filled with luscious clouds. Oh, and plus I already shot their engagement session, so knew they were a cool couple. Yep, it was one of THOSE weddings where everything just fell into place! I had a blast hanging with you guys, and a big congratulations to you both!

  • fer juaristi - Just wow brother!

  • Arturo Ortiz - Awesome!!!

  • Feuza - You raise the bar so high it is amazing, not sure if you are submitting to any wedding blogs but would love to feature it on I love the Bungalow Hotel and this has made me look at it so differently! you rock

  • Kristen Driscoll - Awesome work, as usual, Todd!

  • pamela - wow, just wow!

  • Jashim Jalal - Just amazing!

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Not just wow Todd. Superb work !!!

  • Ayda - I don’t know how you do it! Every image is incredibe.

  • Eric - I just discovered your work last night, while battling my brain to try and sleep. Needless to say, I stayed up for another hour looking at the madness that comes out of your camera!!! I am speechless.

  • tomK - As good as it gets. Geez.

  • Elaine - Wow…oh wow…oh wow!! Did I mention, WOW?!?!?! Really great!

  • Daniel - I should have imported you to shoot my wedding 😉

  • Rob Battersby - Just beautiful! – Amazing work. Very inspirational!!!

  • Alexander smith - Oh Todd! You have such an awesome eye for beauty! Well well done!

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