Paula + Nate

I’m still trying to get caught up on blogging, so stay tuned, lots more goodies coming your way. For now though, we have Paula and Nate’s super awesome wedding which took place at on of my favorite venues in New Jersey to shoot at, the Crossed Keys Inn. I must admit, the weather started out a little gloomy, but as you will see, the day shaped up to be a most beautiful one indeed. Paula and Nate were SO much fun to work with! Paula was a daredevil on the tree swing, hopped into the corn field without batting an eye, not to mention the back of a John Deer, and she even climbed a big tree in her wedding dress, before the ceremony mind you, for some photos! I love my fearless brides, thank you Paula! And thanks so much for hiring me to capture your day of days. Congratulations!

  • Shauna - Masterful, brilliant work as always Todd 🙂

  • Jete - I want to be just like you when I grow up. Or even before then, since I’m not sure that will ever happen. These are AMAZING!! I would blow up that shot of her in the tree and hang it in my own house. Stunning job.

  • Kristen Driscoll - Love them all! Esp the cake topper one, all the kids and the smoke. Ha! You rock.

  • Joe - Beautiful, fun, happy, crazy photos, Todd!

  • katrina - it’s always fun seeing your joyful beautifully captured images!

  • damon - Really loved all the photo’s here, great way of compose, from below and then above, the close ups !

  • Tracy - Beautiful detail and great fun!!!!

  • Jose Miranda - Always leave me amazed eye photo you own, and those processed so clean and striking. Thanks for letting us see your art!!!!!

  • Rob Holley - Seriously! This is a crazy amount of great shots. The feet from below the swing. The couple on the lawn mower. The tie tug o war in front of the tent. Just amazing stuff.

  • tim - Great images. Some of the best I have seen

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