Michelle + Wayne

I am way behind on blogging my friends, I apologize! I’m doing my best to get caught up. The good news is that there are still more awesome weddings coming down the pike, so stay tuned. Michelle + Wayne are no exception. A super chill wedding at Crystal Springs Resort. I had a blast handing out with these two all day. Plus, there were a few kids at the wedding, which I always find entertaining! Well, I’m going to get back to editing so I can bring you the next wedding as soon as I can. Congratulations Michelle + Wayne!

  • katrina - awesome work todd!

  • Kristen Driscoll - These made me smile. Success! : )

  • Arturo Ortiz - awesome as usual!

  • Corey Schwartz - Holy sh*t! That was just incredible. It boggles my mind to see so many unexpectedly beautiful images out of one wedding. Well done.

  • Marni Finder - Your work never ceases to blow me away. I love all your interesting angles! But how in the world do you manage to be all those places practically all at the right moment? (Especially the ones taken from above and looking down… Do you attach a camera from above somehow or do you just manage to hover? ;0))

  • Hannes Uys - Mr Laffler I’m now officially your biggest fan, but then again I guess you hear that a lot! Just awesome stuff! ~H.

  • Eva - Wonderful job, exudes excitement! A treat for the senses and a huge source of inspiration. Congratulations!

  • Lauren - Beautiful. But I love the little girl with her finger in her nose. 🙂

  • Michelle - OMG! What an amazing day… what an amazing way you captured our memories! We can’t stop looking at these beautiful pictures.
    You are truly a star!
    Sincere thanks and smootches… from a very happy bride 🙂

  • damon - Wow , you’re a real great photographer love all the shots !!

  • David Morgan - I love the moment of the guy with the pipe. Nice one! David

  • joan - wow, you are an absolutely amazing artist, with such a creative eye behind that camera of yours! these photos are beyond ,,,,that’s all i can say! i can’t wait to show them to everyone in MY family who couldn’t be there to share Michelle and Wayne’s unbelievably beautiful day since you captured it perfectly in these works of art!
    sincerely, Michelle’s MoH, joan

  • Shauna - Awesome work.. yet again, Mr. Laffler. Bravo!

  • Jesús Ortiz - an outstanding job

  • Ben Godkin - Love all the color and very expressive people at this wedding!

  • Banahan Photographe Mariage - No words can be enought for that reportage! Brilliant work!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone!!!

  • Giovanna - I about spit out my coffee when I got to the Callaway club photo. Absolutely incredible…every….single…shot.

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