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I’m still trying to get caught up on blogging, so stay tuned, lots more goodies coming your way. For now though, we have Paula and Nate’s super awesome wedding which took place at on of my favorite venues in New Jersey to shoot at, the Crossed Keys Inn. I must admit, the weather started out a little gloomy, but as you will see, the day shaped up to be a most beautiful one indeed. Paula and Nate were SO much fun to work with! Paula was a daredevil on the tree swing, hopped into the corn field without batting an eye, not to mention the back of a John Deer, and she even climbed a big tree in her wedding dress, before the ceremony mind you, for some photos! I love my fearless brides, thank you Paula! And thanks so much for hiring me to capture your day of days. Congratulations!

  • Shauna - Masterful, brilliant work as always Todd 🙂

  • Jete - I want to be just like you when I grow up. Or even before then, since I’m not sure that will ever happen. These are AMAZING!! I would blow up that shot of her in the tree and hang it in my own house. Stunning job.

  • Kristen Driscoll - Love them all! Esp the cake topper one, all the kids and the smoke. Ha! You rock.

  • Joe - Beautiful, fun, happy, crazy photos, Todd!

  • katrina - it’s always fun seeing your joyful beautifully captured images!

  • damon - Really loved all the photo’s here, great way of compose, from below and then above, the close ups !

  • Tracy - Beautiful detail and great fun!!!!

  • Jose Miranda - Always leave me amazed eye photo you own, and those processed so clean and striking. Thanks for letting us see your art!!!!!

  • Rob Holley - Seriously! This is a crazy amount of great shots. The feet from below the swing. The couple on the lawn mower. The tie tug o war in front of the tent. Just amazing stuff.

  • tim - Great images. Some of the best I have seen

WARNING: lots of cute kids to follow! Renee has been a long time Laffler Blog Stalker, and was a first time Laffler Bride! She’s been following my work for some time now, and it gave me extreme pleasure to finally photograph her own wedding! The day was FILLED with lots of friends and family! This was a tight knit group for sure, which is always fun to photograph. Renee and Mike were SO amazing to work with, and Mike out on the dance floor??? A total dancing machine!!! Congratulations you two, best wishes!

  • damon - Amazing photography!!!!

  • Ashley A-Photo - It’s hard to even describe how amazingly you captured this wedding. I’m loving it so much! Well well extremely WELL DONE!

  • Sarah Corbett - All your posts are utterly amazing but this one is even a little extra so. Such a fun couple/family!

  • David Morgan - Hi Todd … I love the sense of humour you have in your images mate! Keep up the good work! David

  • juya - Amazing!!!

  • Lori Marchione - Todd- thank you so much for capturing all the love and fun we shared with family and friends at my daughter and new son in law’s wedding. I am amazed at each and every one of them- the bride was beautiful, the kids were awesome and Mike is a dancing machine! The day was captured exactly as Renee and Mike would have wanted-you are the best- Thany You!

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Very brilliant work with the best background of the world: NYC !!!

  • Joe Appel - Wonderful photos, Todd!

  • Kent Meireis - Todd, you are the hardest-smartest working wedding photographer I know!

  • Anita - Excellent as always……you are the best storyteller I know.

  • Cameron Clark - I love the bride’s hair, her gorgeous smile & that second dress for the party! The photos are amazing and filled with so much personality. Well done!

  • Kat Hill - Absolutely adore these photos!! And gotta love a super smiley bride too!

  • Carlos Elizondo - Amazing pictures master Todd!!!

  • Renee * - i dont even know what to say. im speechless and grateful and happy and excited all at the same time. our apartment walls are about to be plastered in laffler art. thank you is simply not enough.

  • Dominik - Wow these images make me speechless!!!

  • Adrienne Brattole - I cannot believe how beautiful every single picture is! The day of my nephew and nieces wedding, I knew your photos would be something special. You were everywhere, not missing a beat. But, I could never imagine how special each picture would be. Simply amazing!!!

  • Jojo Pangilinan - wow, sooo good!

  • Dewan Demmer - Really cool photos, they really full of life and energy. Pretty Cool.

  • Sarah V - I bet this wedding was a ton of fun to capture. And MAN did you put the life of the party right into those pictures, I feel like I attended these peoples’ wedding! GREAT job!

I met up with Dina and Evan at Columbus Circle for their engagement session. We had a great time wandering around the streets of NYC, and eventually making our way into Central Park as well. Thanks so much for a great day in the city guys, I can’t wait for your wedding next year!

  • Shahed - Amazing shoot- I love your use of small pockets of light! 🙂

  • Joseph Delgado - Haha, the Kevin James pics is hilarious!

  • Manel Tamayo - Maravillosa photo session! I need an e-session in NYC, urgently !!!

  • molly - you never cease to blow me away – these are amazing and so interesting! just perfect!!

  • Martino Studioboda - Brilliant! Love the portrait with one eye and the light in central park. Saludos!

  • Khanh Nguyen - Wow alot of sihouette and awesome composition 🙂

  • Andreas - great stuff as always

  • Dominik - Wonderful set of images. Your lighting is truly amazin!

  • alex - Very impressed by all the shots! I just LOVE the one on the stairs with the policeman casually drinking his soda.

  • katrina - what a lucky couple to have such great images! gorgeous use of light todd!!

I am way behind on blogging my friends, I apologize! I’m doing my best to get caught up. The good news is that there are still more awesome weddings coming down the pike, so stay tuned. Michelle + Wayne are no exception. A super chill wedding at Crystal Springs Resort. I had a blast handing out with these two all day. Plus, there were a few kids at the wedding, which I always find entertaining! Well, I’m going to get back to editing so I can bring you the next wedding as soon as I can. Congratulations Michelle + Wayne!

  • katrina - awesome work todd!

  • Kristen Driscoll - These made me smile. Success! : )

  • Arturo Ortiz - awesome as usual!

  • Corey Schwartz - Holy sh*t! That was just incredible. It boggles my mind to see so many unexpectedly beautiful images out of one wedding. Well done.

  • Marni Finder - Your work never ceases to blow me away. I love all your interesting angles! But how in the world do you manage to be all those places practically all at the right moment? (Especially the ones taken from above and looking down… Do you attach a camera from above somehow or do you just manage to hover? ;0))

  • Hannes Uys - Mr Laffler I’m now officially your biggest fan, but then again I guess you hear that a lot! Just awesome stuff! ~H.

  • Eva - Wonderful job, exudes excitement! A treat for the senses and a huge source of inspiration. Congratulations!

  • Lauren - Beautiful. But I love the little girl with her finger in her nose. 🙂

  • Michelle - OMG! What an amazing day… what an amazing way you captured our memories! We can’t stop looking at these beautiful pictures.
    You are truly a star!
    Sincere thanks and smootches… from a very happy bride 🙂

  • damon - Wow , you’re a real great photographer love all the shots !!

  • David Morgan - I love the moment of the guy with the pipe. Nice one! David

  • joan - wow, you are an absolutely amazing artist, with such a creative eye behind that camera of yours! these photos are beyond ,,,,that’s all i can say! i can’t wait to show them to everyone in MY family who couldn’t be there to share Michelle and Wayne’s unbelievably beautiful day since you captured it perfectly in these works of art!
    sincerely, Michelle’s MoH, joan

  • Shauna - Awesome work.. yet again, Mr. Laffler. Bravo!

  • Jesús Ortiz - an outstanding job

  • Ben Godkin - Love all the color and very expressive people at this wedding!

  • Banahan Photographe Mariage - No words can be enought for that reportage! Brilliant work!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone!!!

  • Giovanna - I about spit out my coffee when I got to the Callaway club photo. Absolutely incredible…every….single…shot.

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  • Srikant Rao - Its So awesome sir, There are No photographer Like U…

  • Julia Sikira - The wedding photos are really nice. I love these photos

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