Karen + Erik | Part 5 {The Day After}

I have finally arrived at post number five, the last one from Karen + Erik’s off the charts amazing wedding held at The Rock House, in Jamaica. Karen and Erik’s wedding was SO incredibly memorable for SO many incredible reasons! Mostly because Karen and Erik are a special couple who are undeniably in love and obviously have fun together! But also because their friends and family were SO much fun and undeniably connected to both Karen and Erik. Not to mention the absolute eye candy that is the Rock House. Add another two world renowned photographers, Huy Nguyen and Jacklyn Greenberg, to the mix and you just have a recipe for AWESOME! So, here are some shots we took of the two love birds the day after the wedding (with the exception of a few images that were taken the day before on the actual wedding day). Karen and Erik, my sincere thanks for inviting me and entrusting me with your day of days, a heart felt congratulations to you both, and I hope we can work/play together again one day!

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