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What can I say, another amazing wedding! Sara + Tom were such a fun couple to work with! Plus I got to see Connie and Adam, who’s wedding I shot last year. And even though it threatened to rain all day long, the sun did eventually come out right before the outdoor ceremony started, yay! Everything took place at the Crystal Springs Resort in NJ, a wonderful venue to photograph at! Congratulations Sara and Tom!


  • Juya - Crazy vision!!!!!

  • jose luis - impressive your creativity, congratulations

  • MANEL TAMAYO - Every new wedding your’re better and better. I love your vision !!!

  • Maureen Cassidy Photography - AMAZING!!!!!!

  • Martino - Yes todd!
    Another great collection of beautifull images filled with creativity and irony, thanks for sharing!

  • pamela - you make it look so easy…

  • Brian Kraft - Oh, m’lord. Awesome as always. The water bottle dude is so funny.

The beginning of Michelle and Vin’s e-session started with a lot of rain! Luckily for us though, we met up at Vin’s AMAZING event space in NYC, so not only did we stay dry, but we had a great space to make some photos while we waited out the rain. Once the rain subsided we ventured out onto the streets for more Michelle and Vin(ness)! I had a great time hanging out with these two, and am really looking forward to documenting their upcoming wedding in October! Thanks guys!


  • jorge miguel jaime - grande pt.. ca… Fantástico Todd!!!!

  • michel quijorna - Joer con el puzzleman!!!, the best of Spain… congrats for your work man.

  • Bogdan - Not bad for a rainy day :-). Like the silhouette shots a lot!

  • Sergio Cuevas - I love it! beautiful light and full of spontaneity … good job!!!

  • Alona - Very nice pics! You guys look like you’re posing for a magazine.

  • Brian - Exceptional! Love the tour bus image with the couples name on the side of the bus..

  • Brian Kraft - One day I would think you would run out of the most insane ideas, but I’m beginning to think not. I think they just keep getting better and better. Way to go!

  • jamie groom - Awesome images dude! Great inspiration for a Norfolk photographer like
    me. 🙂

  • Steve - really cool stuff! love it.

Caitlin and Stefano’s wedding had it all, a beautiful couple in love, a laid back vibe, a gorgeous day, amazing details, lots of emotion, hilariously fun wedding guests, close family, and an awesome venue, The Crossed Keys Inn! I thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with Cailtin and Stefano! And big ups to Stefano for putting up with having bubbles blown in his face! Congratulations guys!


  • Feuza - Fabulous, love the swing shots and the ring show it so different. not sure if you will be submitting it to any wedding blogs but would love to feature it on , we accept via TBL or via email as well, you can check out details under submissions

  • Juyá - Loco

  • Wendy Winata - Really Love your works. always creative and artistic.
    always keeps inspiring….

  • Jonny Carroll - Gorgeous! Looks like SO much fun!

  • Mrs. Susan Laffler - I am going to come right out and say it…. I love detail shots!! After just working on the fine details of my friends wedding (Deb) I can so appreciate how you captured the artfull details of this wedding. Congrats to the couple and the hot photographer 😉

  • Raúl Tomás - congratulations, a different and unique story

  • claudia Del rivero - OMG! I can´t stop looking to all your pictures, you rock! I wish one day I get to meet you! through your work I can sense an axcellent artist, since I started working as a photographer have never seen such an amazing work!!!! wow!!!! thanks for existing, honestly, you are now my inspiration!

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