Leah + Josh

Leah + Josh really lucked out on their wedding day in regards to the weather. The clouds were always threatening, and we were in fact ‘trapped’ inside for a spell during their portraits while a huge rain storm passed through. Having said that though, the day was picture perfect! The rain did not interfere with their gorgeous outdoor ceremony at one of my favorite locations, The Crossed Keys Inn! There was lots of emotion, and tons of fun loving friends burning up the dance floor. I even got to see Gabby and Elliot, who’s wedding I just photographed a few weeks ago. I had an amazing day hanging out with you guys. A big congratulations to you both!


  • Ted - Dang, Todd! Killllller!

  • jorge miguel jaime - impresionante!!! Super Todd! genial el reportaje, felicidades!!!

  • Juyá - Increible!! Muy buenas todas 🙂

  • Andrey Perepelitsa - you’re master at capturing this super interesting crazy moments!!! enjoyed your post :)))

  • alyda - I feel like a broken record but every wedding from you is a killer. Amazing work over and over.

  • mike - Ace colors : D

  • Giovanna - Wow, wow, and wow! Such amazing images….treasures for sure!

  • Marius Barbulescu - Amazing… You are trully among the best in the world in wedding photography!

  • Brian Kraft - Holy crap.

  • Hanah - AH! The TomsSwingingDress photo is so awesome! The flames with the dancers in the back… wutha heck! The eye you have is amazing!!

  • Binh Nguyen - Beginning WOW,
    Middle WOW

  • Wedding Photographer Melbourne - Amazing set of photos. I love the shot of the shoes in the window.

  • April - Omg, the glass smooshing shot is so awesome:) What a cool angle for that. You’re work is so inspiring. I hope you never stop sharing:)

  • Angie - I absolutely LOVE your work and I’m so glad that I came across it! I am going to be FOREVER looking through your blog, and I really don’t think I could get bored. I love all the details you see and grab. The different angles you use make every picture AMAZING. Thank you for making me say WOW so many times!x

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