Christine + Kenny

Are you sitting down? Good! Christine + Kenny’s wedding was SO flippin’ awesome I hardly know where to begin. Well, first of all, ever since I did Christine and Kenny’s e-session in Coney Island, I loved these two instantly! They have amazing chemistry together and aren’t afraid to be silly with one another either. I can see the love they share in the way they look at each other. PLUS, they are an absolutely unique couple to boot! This is a photographers dream couple to work with! Christine’s hair and her dress were UH-MAZING as well. Oh yeah, AND the venue, Angel Orensanz, was a stunning backdrop for all the emotion and festivities to take place in! I swear I could feel the warmth from ALL of Christine and Kenny’s guests too. SUCH a joy to photograph! Sojourner and her team from Erganic Designs did a flawless job…again! A BIG congratulations to Christine and Kenny. I hope you enjoy Bora Bora, take lots of pics!


  • rachel - stunning, every single image….

  • Marius Barbulescu - So much creativity… and so much fun! Perfect mix! You are my new hero in wedding photography! 🙂

  • maggi - Amazing Photos!! Best wedding ever….

  • Kalpana - Absolutley breathtaking!!

  • Christine Hillman-Love - TEARS!!!

  • Allison - Super cool wedding – gorgeous images!!!

  • pamela - Your ability to continue to top yourself is astounding! Effin’ amazing!

  • Yuri - Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing pictures from the best wedding ever.

  • katelyn james - WOW!!! What an insane wedding!!! love these!!!!!

  • Kathryn Grooms - A beautiful day and beautiful people captured perfectly.

  • esther - incredible! You take nice pics 😉 #understatement

  • Kenny Hillman-Love - Todd, seriously? Seriously? We got the best photographer ever!

  • Todd Whitney Robinson - Um…the greatest pics. What a beautiful capture of a beautiful day. Lots of love to the both of you.

  • Juyá - Crazy vision!!!!

  • Brandi - You’re such a bad ass. Love this couple! Great stuff.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everyone, especially Christine and Kenny, you guys are AWESOME!

  • Andrey Perepelitsa - shoots where bride was walking down the isle is one of the finest shoots of bride waking down the isle I seen. you really know how to have fun with couple …

  • susan - Todd, I can’t believe you didn’t know Kenny & Christine before. You captured them beautifully.

  • erica - speechless. simply speechless.

  • jose luis - awesome your wedding photos are the best photos I’ve ever seen in my life, congratulations

  • Ben Godkin - Speechless… amazing work! Love the Active Driveway shot!

  • ZWP - I discovered your work thanks to AmyPunky and jeeze, she’s right: your work is AWESOME! I’m… stunned!!! Thanks for sharing this amazing inspirationnal pictures!!!

  • Hanah - omg the COLORS!! so many eye-gasms!!

  • Ingrid - you are SO HIRED for my wedding. i’m utterly speechless at these amazing works of art. every. single. shot.

  • Isis - Im amazed at the beauty. Each photo is a masterpiece

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