Joanne + Nick

I met Joanne and Nick in NYC for their engagement session. Unfortunately, the rain sort of put a mild damper on our photo shoot. But as always, I just make it work! Joanne brought her cute little dog Sandy too. I had so much photographing her, I almost forgot to shoot Joanne and Nick! Big thanks to Joanne’s dad for being Sandy’s ‘handler’ for the day too! I had a blast with you guys, and can’t wait for your wedding.


  • Kristen Driscoll - Love it all. I’m so excited you’re my wedding photographer. You’re exquisite.

  • Jennifer Parlanti - HAHAHAHHA….oMG…so was not expecting the crazed dog!!! Thank you for making me spray my coffee all over my screen!! Awesome! :}}] love the horses down below too…..took me a while! :]

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