{best of} 2011 Rings-n-Things

These next few blog posts are always my favorite ones to do each year! I love looking back on the previous wedding season and picking out my favorite photos of each year! I know it’s late, but I can’t skip doing these! In the upcoming 2012 wedding season I will be devoting less time on the wedding day to do detail shots of rings, shoes, dresses etc. so that I can focus more energy into candid and real moments. Setting up all these detail shots, and to do them really well, takes a lot of time and energy. I will still make these photographs, but will not be “stressing” over them as much. It has always bothered me to hear a bunch of laughter coming from the next room and feeling “stuck” doing detail shots, that in the long run will be far less meaningful as the years go by for the bride and groom. *getting off my soap box now* Enjoy!


F R E E   S T U F F