Stefanie + Matt

Stefanie + Matt had an absolutely gorgeous day for their wedding! Some might even call it picture perfect, but I’ll let you decide! I had SO much fun photographing the flower girl and the ring bearers at Stefanie’s parent’s house too. So, naturally, when there are kids at weddings, I usually wind up posting a lot of kids at the wedding, go figure! Stefanie + Matt were of course an awesome couple who totally trusted me, but by now I suppose that goes without saying. It was my pleasure following you guys around all day, congratulations!


  • nicole - these photos are incredible. completely captures the feelings from that day, we all had an amazing time. LOVE.

  • Anita - This is the most fantastic wedding pictures I have ever seen and I look at a LOT of them. You have captured something different, new and fresh. Congratulations!

  • Stefanie - Todd, these are so fantastic! We were so excited to work with you because we loved your work so very much! You exceeded my expectations and so much more. I feel so lucky to have such beautiful memories of such an important and happy day in our lives, and I have you to thank for it. You’re a genius!

  • Hanah - The wedding party shots are amazing! i love the birds in the clouds! you can’t stage that!

  • Cindy Ross - Absolutely stunning!!!

  • Manel Tamayo - Awesome work Todd !!! I love your wedding photography style. Congrats from Barcelona, Spain. 🙂

  • Delaware Wedding Photographer - Wow beautiful bride! Love the processing on these images!

  • New Jersey Wedding Photographer Todd Laffler and Wedding Dress | My Wedding Recommendations - […] Dress 11 Mar 2012 New Jersey Wedding New Jersey Wedding Photographer Todd Laffler photographs Matt and Stefanie’s stunning wedding in New Jersey. Todd does a wonderful job of capturing Stefanie’s amazing wedding dress. […]

  • Matt - I agree with New Jersey Wedding Photographer Todd Laffler and Wedding Dress | My Wedding Recommendations’ comment. Todd beautifully captures a beautiful bride and her beautiful dress. She looks so good I’d marry her again.

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