Meghan + Stephen

What do you get when you mix an AMAZINGLY fun couple, plus one of my favorite venues to work at, The Crossed Keys Inn, a gorgeous day, lots of time to work with my couple, one of the funniest bridesmaids I’ve ever met, a genuine and fun loving group of family and friends who love to party? Well, you get THIS…


  • Amber - ok so do tell.. do you carry a ladder with you everywhere? they shots in the reception are amazing!! I seem to get the families that love to sit on their buts rather than dance!! I so envy you !! thanks for the inspiration again and again!! I could comment on every image, you amaze me.

  • pamela - totally ditto Amber + I want to know how many pairs of eyes do you have?!! And do you mind sharing what lens you used during the reception? I feel like I just got to attend the most fun wedding ever…you’re ability to catch so many one of a kind shots is amazing!!

  • Meghan and Stephen - Thanks for putting up with our crazy (but fun) families! We LOVE the pictures!

  • kat forsyth - I kind of want to have this wedding for my very own. Also, I want to be BFFs with Meghan and Stephen, because they are clearly full of awesome!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everybody! Amber, I actually do try to always have a lightweight ladder with me as much as possible throughout the wedding day. Although I don’t use it for the reception shots, those are done just by sticking the camera over my head and firing down. Pamela, I just have one pair of eyes, so I have to make up for that deficit by having good instincts as well. 🙂 As for my reception lens, it’s usually either my 85mm 1.2 or my 16-35mm.

    Meghan, it was my ABSOLUTE pleasure, you guys were all so awesome!

  • Brian Kraft - Ridic!

  • Hanah - Long time follower, first time commenter! Seriously these images are truly amazing! You don’t just take pictures; you freeze moments! Would you ever be open to shooting in California?? I’m not getting married yet… but I will one day!

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