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Let me just say this about that, I love Carl! Why? Well, Carl gave me one of the coolest nicknames ever…The Composition Whisperer. Thank you Carl! I had an absolute blast photographing Wendy and Carl’s wedding! Not only were they absolutely awesome to work with, but they also got married at a really cool venue as well, Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It’s a working farm and a restaurant too. They grow a lot of their food on the farm, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that my dinner was THE best I’ve ever eaten at a wedding. Wendy and Carl were full of laughs all day and night, as their closest friends and family helped them celebrate their day of days! Congratulations guys!


  • Carl - Awesomeness! Thanks Todd!

  • Brian holden - wow wow wow. world class.

  • kris rupp - Yes, the nickname fits perfect. Looks like a fun wedding 😉

  • jay - Todd, you have to be best wedding photographer, ever.

  • Brian - Just a blog full of awesomeness!

  • Shang - Love this!

  • Angela Mum Laffler - lovely wedding and great pictures, especially like the last one.

  • Bogdan - Excellent coverage, awesome photos, great work!
    As usual!

  • Raul Pageo - Wooow, your work is awesome, Don´t know you but consider me your new fan, congrats!!!!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks SO much guys! 🙂

  • Galen Herrington - How are you lighting your reception shots? I see the strobe from behind. What are you using from the front?

Ok, first thing’s first, Izabela looked GORGEOUS! Secondly, Lee had me cracking up all day and night. Add them together and what do you get? You get Izabela + Lee’s super duper ultra awesome wedding, that’s what! Ok, well, there were actually tons more to love about their wedding than just the two previously mentioned points, but those just stuck out to me! I had such a great time hanging out with these two lovely people. And although the weather was severely threatening (see photos of just Izabela + Lee below), we still manged to bag some incredible shots without getting a single rain drop on us. I just love it when a plan comes together! Congratulations guys!


  • Shang - This is such an unreal and inspiring wedding montage! Amazing work as usual =)

  • Daniel - It kept me wanting more all the way and at the end it was such a gloriuos finale, amazing job Todd.

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks guys! Daniel, it sounds like you need to smoke a cigarette now! 🙂

  • Brian Terry - Nice frames! Bt

  • Mike - Loooove the photos. I wish to be as creative as you one day. How do you get that beautiful lighting in the reception photos? I see an assistant w a flash behind the subject but how do you light the foreground so softly? Doesn’t seem like ceiling bounce to me. It’s just beautiful.

  • John - Ditto on that question.

I originally thought Alyssa + Patrick were an awesome couple, but I have to tell you, after witnessing both of them, especially Alyssa in her wedding dress, literally scrunch into a small, rusty, dirty opening to enter a farm silo for photos, my thoughts about them suddenly changed. They transformed into a SUPER awesome couple. They might as well have crawled out of that silo with capes flying from their backs! Thank you guys SO much for trusting me to make those photographs for you! I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it, I love my couples! We did encounter some rain here and there throughout the day, but ppffttt, we’re dealing with a super couple here, no worries! Alyssa + Patrick had a great day/night surrounded by friends and family, and it was my pleasure to be there as well. Congratulations guys!


  • Brian Holden - Simply amazing work Todd. How are getting those dance shots? Over here in the uk it’s always pitch black lol

  • Citlalli Rico - Oh yes. You rock!

  • jay - awesome awesome awesome

  • alyda - seriously todd there are too many awesome shots in this one wedding. pretty sure there is a law against it.

  • Vivika - I really like your work, it’s very creative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Raul Pageo - your ring shoots are the best, fun, move you rooock!!!!

A few teasers from Meghan + Steve’s super fun wedding this past Saturday at the Crossed Keys Inn.


  • Daniel Aguilar - Killers!

  • Meghan - Whee! Todd they look amazing! We are SO excited to see the rest, thanks for a great day!

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks Daniel!
    Glad you like them Meghan, you guys were so awesome! Thank you!

  • nadya - love the swing one! cant wait to see more!!

  • Arnaldo - The last, BW shot, is Fantastic!

  • Kaitlyn and Jeff - Mama Mia!!!! Absolutely fantastic and beautiful photos!!! Can’t wait to see more!

I can’t wait to blog my friend’s Kevin + Laura’s wedding at Laurita Winery! But for now, enjoy a few teasers.


  • nadya - loooove that first shot and the one in the field! Cant wait to see more!! 🙂

  • Tamera - Great photos! And I love her dress and shoes. 🙂

  • Todd Laffler - Thanks guys!

  • Laura - Todd, I have friends who aren’t even engaged yet requesting your info for their wedding! Everyone is very excited to see the rest of the pics!

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