Fabiola + Abasi

I’m going to level with you guys. When I first met Fabiola and Abasi, I had some concerns that Abasi might be one of those grooms who’s just “along for the ride” and totally disinterested in the photography. Now, when I meet with prospective clients, the “interview” sort of goes both ways. I want to make sure I am dealing with an enthusiastic couple who is not afraid of a little PDA, and that we are all a good fit. I figured Abasi might have been tired from a long day of work, a long drive over to meet with me, maybe just a bad day, whatever, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I’m SO glad I did, Abasi was like a spark of raw energy and emotion on their wedding day, and just SUCH a pleasure to work with. Just as Fabiola was too of course! To be honest with you, after leaving their wedding, I was kind of scratching my head and thinking, “did that really just happen!?” Wonderful people (check) amazing locations (check) great light (check) time given for me to do my thing (check and mark!) Congratulations Fabiola and Abasi! Oh, and props to Sojourner and her team from Erganic Design for their hard work throughout the day and converting the Metropolitan Pavilion into an amazing space!


  • Krissy - Beautiful Todd…

  • amber montgomery - every time!! I’m amazed 🙂 thanks for inspiration again and again.

  • Sojourner - AMAZING! WOW… you just keep bringing it!!!

    All amazing… i’m still staring….

  • Maggie Lombardy - I just love the way your brain thinks!

  • KrisD Mauga - Luv it Todd! Stunning, fun and emotive! Fabulous!!!

  • Gloria Mesa - AMAZING! =)

  • nadya - WOW love them all, looove her ring shot thats awesome. These are amazing!!

  • michele bowman - such a wonderful wedding!! WOW!! you are amazing at capturing such emotion filled moments!

  • Todd Laffler - Hey guys, thanks so much for the nice comments, much appreciated!

  • Brian Kraft - Sooooooo cool! Thanks again for showing what’s possible. The dude dancing with the lady in the red dress– HI-larious.

  • Natan - Amazing, no more words!

  • tracey s - shut the front. door.

  • knot - just amazing and superb

  • Todd Laffler - I really appreciate the great feedback guys, thanks again! *shutting the front door now* 🙂

  • Prince Addo - Hands down, this wedding album is phenomenal! Great pics throughout!

  • Jennifer - These are amazing!!! Thank you for sharing them with me. Lots of Luv

  • Erganic Design- The Fabulousness of Mr.Fab & Mrs.Bas - […] More Todd Laffler Here […]

  • James Reyes - Wow my jaw dropped with this wedding. Amazing shots all over the place. Love your work!

  • Chad Pennington - KRAZYYYYYYY -Many Many favs to choose from. Forever you are my photo inspiration.

  • Jenelle Berry - Amazing!!! Fabs and Abasi, you both look so happy. What a gorgeous couple.


  • Schnell - Amazing work! Are you available for gigs in Atl?!!


  • Annette - All the joy of the day was captured. Stunning!

  • alyda - holy amazingness batman!!

  • Sharlene - Congrats to Fab and Bas … These pictures are BEAUTIFUL… captures the love and joy of the day .. and the rest of your lives!!!

  • Yvette Toma - STUNNING! You have truly captured the essence of a beautiful love.

  • Mike Woods - Wow….simply…..wow.

  • Damon - I hope you paid this man very well. And he is lucky we didnt make him do any more birthday shots in the limo

  • Charisse Marshall - I love Love!!!! Looking at the photographs was a beautiful experience!!!! They truly captured the beauty of a gorgeous couple and an auspicious occasion!!!! Blessings to the beautiful couple and their family!!!!

  • simplicity - Such a beautiful wedding, and you did a wonderful job to capture all the best moments.

  • Tyree - These pictures are simply fantastic and amazing!

  • Lonnie C. Major - Beautiful wedding….WoW

  • Danielle - THESE ARE AMAZING PICTURES!!! I was at the wedding and feel like I am there all over again!! HIRED as soon as I start planning.

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