Round 3 | Fearless Photographer Awards

Let me first start off by saying HOLY CRAP!!!!! I entered 10 wedding photos into round 3 of the Fearless Photographer Awards. They received over 900 submissions total, and only choose 10% of those (about 90 winners), and 6 of my images won awards! I am SOOOO honored to have received some recognition, but also to be in such good company, alongside some AMAZINGLY talented photographers! Honestly, I’m not that big of a fan of entering photo competitions, but Fearless Photographers is very different. The judges rotate from round to round, but they are always highly skilled working professional wedding photographers who are producing truly unique work. This is where it becomes different from the typical photo competition for me, it’s kind of like earning street cred from your peers! And when you are competing along with the likes of Ben Chrisman, Erin Chrisman, Huy, Sergio, Olivia Brown, Davina Palik, just to name a few, it’s a pretty big deal! To quote the Fearless Photographer web site:

“We are very selective about the images that you see on our site.  We only want to show our best!  Thus only the top 10% of all images submitted by over 200 photographers are worthy to be called Fearless Awards and are showcased on the Fearless Photographers site.  It’s considered a great honor among our photographers to have earned these Awards.”

Here are my 6 winning images from Round 3, but you can see all the winners from this round here.


F R E E   S T U F F