{best of} 2010 Ceremony

Here is another boat load of photos for you. This time it’s the best of 2010 in the ceremony category. Stay tuned for the reception category photos coming soon!

  • rach d. - oh Todd, I look forward to what 2011 brings for you. SUCH amazing work, I *love* every single image you capture/create. The emotions jump out of every photo!

  • Tony - you are THE BEST . . .

  • Brandi - The moments you catch of children during the ceremony are always some of m faves!

  • David Chandler - Simply FANTASTIC! No one I’d rather shoot a wedding with. Kudos to your awesome clients too.

  • Marcelo Gongora - Realmente inspirador y de lo mejor que he visto Ășltimamente. Gracias from Spain

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