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I’ve been dying to blog our family vacation to Martha’s Vineyard ever since we got back last summer, but alas, work comes first sometimes. Well, now is my chance to relive some really great experiences in one of favorite places to vacation. This year we rented a rustic little “Writer’s Cottage” which was VERY secluded and right on a pond which led to the Atlantic. What I love about MV is just how rustic/unspoiled it is, combined with its diverse topography and its perfect size for exploring. There are amazing beaches, some with clay cliffs, free form casual rock sculptures, an incredible little fishing village, farms, forests, great biking, quaint towns, sailing, awesome views of stars, nature preserves, the agricultural fair, art galleries, and I could go on and on, but you get the point. In fact, while we were there we saw President Obama. Ok, maybe it was just his motorcade! I can’t wait to get back, but for now, enjoy some of my photos from our vacation.

One of the farms we visited on MV. I had to wait a long time to get this one!Not what you think!Long day.This is one of the ferries you need to take to get to MV.I love when stuff like this happens!We went for a small adventure on one of the Black Dog’s tall ships.This is my favorite beach, not only for the clay cliffs, but also for the random rock sculptures people make.This little seal decided to bask right on our little private beach next to our kayak. Of course we named her Lousille.This is a view down Scrubby Neck road, one of the roads leading to our Writer’s Cottage.The stars were the most amazing I had ever seen.And what are vacation photos without some shots of the little ones?This was fun. I didn’t have a tripod with me, so I had to rig up a crate I found and prop the camera up to the right angle with some rocks. Then I found a couple of large rocks and threw them up over the water, and lit them with my head lamp.

As I was mopping up stuff I wanted to blog from 2010, I came across a great afternoon I spent with my friends the Flynn family last fall. We just hung out in their back yard, and I grabbed some photos of little Holden and his big brother Sawyer. Thanks for the laughs guys!

I never get tired of seeing little kids wearing their dad’s shoes!

Although it just snowed here in NJ, the funny thing is that I shot these a few months ago! This was one of those really big storms we had during this past winter, so I headed out into my backyard to see what I could find. I love when I can spend an hour or two just shooting whatever interests me in the moment.

If you think of the “best of” blog posts as one great big firework display, then this would be the grand finale! But before we let the fireworks do a little visual gymnastics on your peepers, I need to thank a few people first. Big ups to Michelle Arlotta who handles most of my editing, the album designs, and soon will also be my much needed office manager. Basically, she has become my right arm! YAY! Also, thanks to all the second photographers whom I have been honored to work alongside, thanks for all your hard work in 2010! A ginormous thank you to my assistant Ali Doyle too! She makes my wedding days go SO smoothly, and turns me into a better photographer! A quick thank you to my family for putting up with the long hours I put into this! And last but certainly not least, to ALL of my wonderful clients who appreciate what I do and entrust me to capture their wedding days in fun and unique ways! I seriously love all you guys!!!! hmmm I am starting to feel like I just won an award or something! Ok, ok I’m gettin’ the hook! On with the show…

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