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Kristin and Juan are yet another amazing couple that I had the privilege of photographing on their most momentous day to date! They got hitched at the uber awesome Kirkpatrick Chapel in New Brunswick and then partied on over to the always hip Heldrich Hotel, also  in New Brunswick. I knew it was going to be a great day when I first met Kristin and Juan’s officiant at the chapel and he said to me, “I only have one rule, take LOTS of photos!”. Love him! Kristin and Juan were just amazing to work with, up for anything and giving me lots of time to do my thing, thanks guys, and a big congratulations to you both!

Yes, I razzed Juan for yawning!Heading over to the church.Kristin and her dad just before he escorted her down the aisle.We had a little extra time after the ceremony so we took full advantage!Is it just me who thinks this is funny!?This guy was trying out to be one of my second photographers. Needless to say, he failed miserably!

  • Kristi Odom - Wow what a post, love these!

  • Lindsay Flanagan - Todd, your work is gorgeous and so inspirational! Thank you for sharing.

  • Tracy - Amazing!!!! As always.

  • KrisD Mauga - Stunningly creative! The reflection from the car hood amazed me! I’m definitely coming out there and hope I can tag along still! Inspiration beyond words!

  • Angela Lenzi - Gorgeous, Gorgeous pics–They must be THRILLED!! (I actually just emailed you a few minutes ago before I looked here)

  • Brian Kraft - Dude.

  • Tom Daspit - Very inspirational work! Love them all.

  • Matt Wilson - I will see Brian’s “dude” and raise him a “WHOA!”

  • nadya - BEautiful wedding and images! I have a wedding to shoot at that same church in Oct ^.^ ! I love the jets cake! What a fun wedding!

  • Reggie Beehner - awesome set. Last shot is incredible. so consistently inventive. thanks.

  • Ellie {Atlanta Wedding Photography} - All of these are wonderful images, but the ring shot and the dress shot in the beginning are perhaps my favorite ring shot and dress shot that I’ve ever seen. (Though I will admit that the ring near a drain makes me cringe a little! =) Beautiful work!

  • Kris - Your work is fantastic, another beautiful set of images

  • Obi - simply love this set … beautiful

I guess it’s becoming obvious just how far behind I am with blogging, as this and the last post feature some fall leaves in them! I have 4 more weddings to blog and I will be all caught up. On account of a really busy fall shooting schedule, preparing myself for my Mystic 6 presentation, and being in the middle of selling my house (don’t worry I’m staying in NJ) and a bunch of other things as well, I have not been able to catch much of a breath lately. But I’m getting there! So, I just want to say thank you to all of my clients who have been SO patient with me, I really appreciate it! Once I figure out where exactly in NJ I will be moving to, I will be looking to hire an office manager to help with the work load around here.

Ok wait, wasn’t this post titled Melissa + Jamie?! Sorry guys, I just had to get that off my chest. I had a great time hanging out with Melissa and Jamie for their engagement session. They were up for anything and were real troopers, especially during the leaf photo session! When we met up the sun was already getting close to being down so it made it a little challenging as most of their session took place after dark. At one point I was fumbling around in the dark, trying to use my iPhone as a flashlight and accidentally dropped it down a hole! It was a little scary, but it was eventually retrieved. Thanks for the laughs guys, see you in a few months at the wedding!

  • Jamie Hor - The shots look great!!! Thanks for all that you have done. Looking forward to March.

  • rachel - Pumpkin head…ha! Very creative! And I loved the image beneath that one!

  • Melissa - hey todd, LOVE the photos! thanks so much for all your hard work. can’t wait for the wedding.

  • Lorraine Daley - The under the leaves shot is brilliant. the close kissing shot is gorgeous!

  • Kristen - These are just awesome! Lovely grass, leaves, lighting, everything.

  • Brian Kraft - Wow- love ’em. Pumpkin head and all! 🙂

  • Jamie Hor - I was wondering why these pics were so great so I decide to look at them again. I realized you really can’t see my face!!! What ever works right. HAHA!!! I LOVE THEM!!

By now you have probably caught on to the fact that ALL of my clients are amazing and have awesome weddings right!? Don’t blame me for being repetitive, blame THEM! Yes, Cindy and Chris are wonderful people and had a really great wedding with tons of emotion and fun abound. So, instead of gushing, I want to relay one of the funniest things I have heard at a wedding in a long time. So, I get to the church and have a few words with Cindy and Chris’ officiant, who was wearing all white, had white hair, wore glasses, had some wrinkles on his face, and a white beard to boot. Well, the little ring barer walks up to him and very bluntly says “Hi God”! Keep this in mind when you get to the ceremony shots. Congratulations Cindy and Chris!

  • Matt Wilson - I was wondering where the new splash page images were from.

    Amazing as usual. I’ve got to learn what you’re doing with lighting at your receptions. I have my suspicions, but they are the best around.

    The portrait in front of the painting… normally those hard shadows would be off-putting, but that is perfect and hilarious.

    And I’m not normally one to say this, but God is awesome.

  • Chris - Awesome Todd! We couldn’t be happier with these pics. You are phenomenal!

  • Cindy Tortorello - Thank you so much, Todd! I can’t stop looking at them and remembering how much fun our wedding day was. Thank you for being there and capturing it with such imaginative perfection!

  • Brian Kraft - So much great stuff here! Got a good laugh out of a lot of it– looked like a lot of fun. In that one backlit photo with the leaves and the tree– looks like you bounced a little of that light off the tree and back to them… intentional? Regardless- looks awesome!

  • celia - I did Cynthia’s flowers and would love to see the entire wedding. These are just a tease. Your work is Beautiful!

I was very excited to meet up with Keri and Tom at Liberty State Park for their engagement session. Before we walked around the front, Keri’s grandfather took us out on his boat where we cruised over to the Statue of Liberty area. It was great being able to get some different vantage points than I am used to, but man, it was a little challenging photographing on a rocking boat! Afterward, we hit the water front area where we had an AMAZING sunset!

I couldn’t mention an AMAZING sunset and then not have it be the first photo could I?I tried to work Keri and Tom into this shot somehow but it just wasn’t working, so here it is, sans Keri and Tom.

  • Alice G Patterson - Wow, how I love that photo of the two of them holding hands from behind the binocular/ vista viewers… do those have a name? Anyways, awesome shot!

  • rachel d - AMAZING, indeed. =)

  • Keri - Todd our engagement pictures could not have come out anymore amazing! I honestly want to hug you!!!! Sorry again for putting you through the torture of shooting on a rocky boat! lol It was well worth it though!

  • Lucas - I Love Them!!!! I might have to use Todd for my future wedding!! 😀 Love you sista, they couldn’t be more perfect!

  • Allan - Amazing shots!


I love Lauren and Marcus! I’m not sure there is much more to say, I mean just look at these photos, just try and not love them too, go ahead, I dare ya! I think I’ve already written too much, why are you still here, start scrolling people!

  • Sergio - WOW! Todd! What amazing work! You are one of my favorite photographers, I love it! OMG! That ring shot rocks hard!

  • Todd Laffler - Sergio ma man, thanks SO much! I am going to work harder than ever now until I am not just one of your favorite photographers, but THE favorite! 🙂

    AWEZUM presentation at Mystic man, you totally knocked that thing out of the park!

  • Huy - Wow! Great great work Todd!

  • Huy - One more thing: you are fearless!

  • rachel d - Gosh Todd, you continuously WOW me with your images. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Friggin’ amazing! =)

  • Fernando León - very, very good story.

  • Natan - Fresh, nice and well done great work!!!

  • Natan - Wow! Wow and Wow!
    After check out the rest of blog!! Your work are really Awesome!!!

  • angela laffler - todd, you get better and better, just when I think you have reached perfection you take it a step further!

  • Kelly - With every blog post I get more and more excited for our wedding (which happens to be 6 months from today)! The emotions you capture are incredible! Beautiful couple, and as always, amazing pictures!!

  • Mark - Hey, Todd, I’ve admired your clever and fun approach for a while – really great work, and consistently great.

  • Lauren (Mrs. Marcus Scigliano) - I AM Speechless.
    Our wonderful lives have been somewhat non-stop since the wedding and we have been holding our breath, waiting for your talent to unfold. We have been hoping that the moments you captured would be as elegant and FUN as Marcus & I felt on our wedding night. Not only have you captured such absolute perfection, you have captured moments which we may never have truly appreciated without your talent, expertise & eye. Skytop Lodge provided us with the perfect venue, and you provided us with the perfect memory.
    Todd, I cannot thank you enough.
    From the opposite side of the world,
    Lauren Scigliano

  • KrisD Mauga - I don’t know how you do it- every moment captured- nothing missed!!!!

  • Hila - OMH! I’m in love! you are the best! what would it take to get you to israel to do my wedding?
    you are amazing i love your photos!

  • Kat Forsyth - You were right. There’s just something about them I LOVE. Three things come to mind though: the bride’s facial expressions, the colours in your photos, and your creative angles. Goorgeous.

  • Stacey - Where did you come from? OMG – Have I been hiding under a rock or something?! Outstanding is an understatement. Sensual, provocative, expressive, real and simply poetic imagery.

    Now…how can I convince my husband we need to get married again so you can take our pictures?

  • alyda - I just put my hands in the air and said yeah ‘YEAH!’

  • Gloria Mesa - I love your work.. True inspiration!

  • Jerzy Modrak - This story is outstanding in every possible way and the b&w group portrait is worthy any museum wall.

  • Amy - Omg! The bride has one of the most beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen! It’s so good to see that you captured that! Btw, I’ve always loved your work! I hope one day you could take my wedding pictures (it’s a dream…haha) 😛

  • Brad Smith - Great work as always, Todd! I enjoy the color and emotion in all your images. And thank you for a fantastic presentation at Mystic6 – You were one of the highlights!

  • Danielle Houser - These are the most amazing wedding photos I have ever seen!! I am intrigued by photography in a way that I can’t even express and I have to point out that you did such a beautiful job of capturing both the bride’s inner and outer beauty. I’m sure that Lauren and Marcus are just thrilled with the outcome.

  • Sol Tamargo - Love your sense of humor! and your balls to shoot the bride walking down the aisle from so far away… awesome!

  • Brian Kraft - Amazing! Very inspiring work. Great job!

  • Caroline - simply amazing.

  • Bill Millios - Seriously, wow. Great photography. I don’t even know you, I don’t even know these people – but you made me want to be there.


  • Giovanna - Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. Each and every image you posted is a work of art. All I could think of when I saw the last image was the song “At Last” by Etta James. They must be thrilled:)

  • jeff tisman - damn brutha’,
    what’s left to say?? awesome!!

  • Todd Laffler - WOW! Thanks for all these great comments, MUCH appreciated!

  • Dopnna DePrisco - Wow! I’ve seen alot of wedding photos in my experience of over 30 years, but never ones that have the complete and total creativity as these! I am so very impressed! Come to Boston!

  • Jay Studio Photography - WOW! every single shot is amazing! great composition with such a creative eye! love it! thanks for sharing 🙂

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