Yearly Archives: 2011

Meime + Ron are an awesome couple. What’s that I hear you saying, “but ALL your couples are awesome!” Well, you’re right, they are! And Meime + Ron are no exception either. I’m glad we were able to clear that up. Seriously though, Meime + Ron had a fantastic wedding day with tons of family and friends to help them celebrate. It was my distinct honor and pleasure to be alongside you guys throughout the day. Congratulations guys!


Here’s the funny thing about Keri’s wedding day, for me at least. I have never photographed a bocce ball court at a wedding before. The week prior to Keri’s wedding I photographed Connie + Adams’ wedding (see previous blog post) where I did some shots of them playing bocce ball together. This week, Keri asked if I could get some photographs of her and her dad playing bocce ball! Keri’s dad has a SERIOUS bocce ball court set up in his backyard, and this was something Keri and her dad liked to do together. Keri + Tom had a gorgeous day to celebrate their wedding, and it was my absolute pleasure to be there every step of the way to document it for them. I think you will see by the look on Keri’s face that she had an amazing day with her family and friends! Rock on guys!


Oh man! I love these two! They were SO much fun, laid back, and up for anything! I love when I suggest something a little out of the usual to the bride and groom and they just look at each other, shrug, and say “yeah sure”! On top of that Adam was just hilarious! Connie + Adam had a wonderful day at Castle on the Hudson, surrounded by lots of fun family and friends. Thank you so much for letting me capture the day for you guys. Congratulations!


I was so excited to photograph Shannon’s wedding! I had photographed her sister Brittany’s wedding a few years ago. It was great seeing Brittany and Geoffrey again as well. In fact I always remember Brittany’s wedding because Shannon cut her finger trying to get a pin out of Brittany’s dress or something similar, and wound up getting some blood on the dress. No worries though, everything worked out just fine. In fact, I think Shannon and Nick actually met each other at Brittany’s wedding, how cool is that!? Shannon and Nick had an awesome day, surrounded by family and friends! Shannon and Nick were SUCH troopers about doing their photos outside too. I think their wedding is now the record holder for the hottest wedding I have ever shot. Ouch! Congratulations guys!


I’m just going to lay my cards on the table here…I’m SO far behind with editing/blogging that I’m not even going to type anything here so I can get cracking on the next wedding! I think the photos pretty much tell the whole story anyway! Hang in there everyone!


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