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Wedding Photography | A Guide to Posing {Monthly e-book}

I’m so honored to have a bunch of my work featured in David Pierce’s monthly e-book Wedding Photography, A Guide to Posing. If you are a wedding photographer you might want to check out this new handy e-book which will be coming out every month. Note: I’m not selling this e-book, my work is just being featured in it. If you want to look into it further, just follow the link above. Here are a couple of screen grabs and some more information for you.

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Antoinette + Jon

I just loved Antoinette and Jon! They were such an AWESOME couple to work with, I swear, their wedding barely felt like work to me! Their family and friends were good people with really great senses of humor!  Big props to Jon too! I love when my grooms get into the photo session and are relaxed and fun, thanks for the laughs Jon! Plus they had their wedding at one of my favorite venues as well, The Stone House, in Warren NJ. I swear, I like it there not because it’s only 15 minutes from my house too! I just dig the vibe of the place, lots of cool little areas to work in! Antoinette, Jon and all their guests came to have a good time and party on, and party on they did! Congratulations you two!

First looks!My new favorite bridal party photo!One guess as to which groomsman was watching his kids when this was taken.There were a lot of speeches given, and each one was just about the funniest I’ve ever heard!This is the risk you take when you wear suspenders guys!

todd hunter mcgaw - A.MAZE.ZING !

jay - Best if the bests!

jay - oops – i mean, the Best of the bests :)

alyda - this wedding ftw!!!!

Antoinette & Jon - Todd, these pictures are absolutely PERFECT!!!! We laughed, we cried, we oooed and awwed….They are just amazing. You were so much fun to work with, along with Georgi and Allie. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

nichole - WOW!!! SO AWESOME!!! That is Richie’s hand! hahaha… and we are pretty hilarious.

Tammy - These are ALL incredibly beautiful pix! My favorite is where Todd is behind Jon as Antoinette is looking up at Jon mischievously. Perfect!
Antoinette, you are so pretty, your face should be on a greeting card!

Baldin - Greatin

AlexHitrov - WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
?????))) ????? ???????? ????)))

nadya - awesome wedding! Looks like they were a fun couple! ^.^

miah klein - Those silhouette are spectacular! inspiring for real…

Natan - Superb!!!!

KrisD Mauga - amazing, fun ART!

nadine austin - Hey there, it’s my first time visiting your blog and your work is astoundingly good.

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Angela + Brian | Teasers

Well, this is it, the last wedding of the year for me! I still have many weddings to get caught up on here on the blog, so stay with me, lots more eye candy coming your way! For now though, enjoy these little teasers from Angela and Brian’s wedding!

Matt Wilson - SICK and SICK! Love the processing on the first one.

miah klein - yummy

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Vanessa + Nelson | Sneak Peek

Here are two shots from Vanessa and Nelson’s wedding this past weekend. Thought I would stick with a reflection theme!

Kay English - Wow!!!! Omg I cannot WAIT to see the rest! These are amazing!!!

angela laffler - VERY, VERY NICE PHOTOS. Look forward to seeing the rest!

nadya - both awesome shots!!

Rodrigo Vargas - I love your reflection photos!

jalil - Cun Gileee!! in English it means Awesome!!

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Casey + Dejan

I could not wait to blog Casey and Dejan’s wedding! This one was a stunner, with an awesome couple, time for me to do my thing, good light, and a fantastic location, The Wainwright House in NY! I’m pretty sure this blog post will be the new record for the amount of photos posted in it, a whopping 69! I could have easily posted a lot more, but I have to go get ready to shoot another wedding tomorrow! I’m really proud of this set, and honestly, I don’t think I need to say much more than congratulations to Casey and Dejan! Take your time with this one folks!

I love this ring shot!WHOA!This was right after Casey and Dejan saw each for the first time that day.Casey waiting for the ceremony to begin. I loved the sign. The small print says “Please Remove Your Shoes”, which Casey did, but I think it was only because her feet hurt!Met by her parent’s to escort her down the aisle.I love this shot too of Casey and Dejan walking out to greet their guests at cocktail hour. (another benefit of seeing each other beforehand for photos)Party time!I LOVE Casey’s expression behind grandma!

Rachael Earl - Remind me when someone invents the time machine to take you back in time 11 years to Arizona to shoot my wedding. :)

Todd Laffler - 11 years ago? Okie Dokie, do you want selective coloring with that?! :) I’ll hop right in my DeLorean next weekend…meet ya there!

jay - so much energy.

Casey & Dejan - WOWZA!!! Todd – these are absolutely incredible. You, Allie and Walt did an amazing job capturing so many moments from our wedding. (I think with some guidance from us, Allie was finally able to get the light right! Haha!!) You are so good at what you do, and we hope more people are as lucky as we are – to have you you photograph the most incredible day of their lives with such artistry and perfection. We can’t thank you enough…

Ricki - LOVED the pictures! Great selection to put out there. I’m ready for some more!

Jill K Imbrogno, JKFlashy Makeup Service Co. - Hello!

We provided makeup services for Casey. I LOVE these pics!!!!!!!! Would I be able to have you email me some for my website? I would love to give you credit as well. Not sure if you share pics with vendors? Let me know, your work is amazing!


These images evoke such an emotion response in me!!
Everything from ‘wow’ she’s fun to heart-bursting, joy for this couple to where is that dance floor, I’m ready to get my dance on!
Amazing job capturing this day!
I love your use of light, exposure and lens flare.

nadya - @_@ thats all i gotta say ^.^

KrisD Mauga - Todd~ Luv it- what an event full of fab scenery and constant partying!

Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everyone!
Casey, it was MY pleasure, I loved your wedding so much!
Sure thing Jill, just send me over an email and I’ll hook you up!

Shannon - Todd, I am still a huge fan and stalk your blog regularly, but I had to comment on these pictures- they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. You have captured their day and happiness so ingeniously and I love all of them, you are fabulous!

justinelement - … wow todd, your compositions, use of lighting, and ability to make real emotion come out into pictures blow me away… again

alyda - wow! just discovered your blog. AMAZING x AWESOME x RADTASTIC work!!!!!

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