Maggie + Mike | Sneaky Peeky

I can’t wait to blog this one! Maggie and Mike’s wedding at Congress Hall in Cape May NJ was AMAZING! Stay tuned photo peepers!

  • Maggie and Mike - You, Georgie and Allie were unbelievable!! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work!! We love you and Mike can’t wait to buy you another pint :0)

  • john arcara - Dude! radical man! totally radical!

  • angela laffler - The sunset photo is just amazing, how did you light it, was Maggie carrying a flashlight? Also love the shadows on the aisle. Wonderful photography Todd

  • Momma McGill - Okay, Todd, you will have to cover my medical bills….my heart just melted!! Seriously, if this is a sneak peak, I just can’t wait to see the other treasures. Thank you so much for capturing the love between Margaret and Mike on their special, wonderful day – truly beautiful work.

  • Reggie - Wow. Killer set. The last two in particular are remarkable. You’ve got a great eye for the singular shot that’s artistic but still eminently appealing. Always a pleasure viewing your work. Thanks.

  • stephanie somodi - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!

  • Natalie Champa Jennings - That first shot is so unique and wonderful to look at. I really appreciate your style and lighting talent!

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