Kristin + Jaun | Melissa + Jamie | Teasers

I couldn’t resist posting multiple teasers from my last wedding and e-session! I can’t wait to blog these two! The first 3 photos are from Kristin and Jaun’s wedding. The last two photos are from Melissa and Jamie’s e-session. Stick around!

  • nadya - cant wait to see more, that last one is crazy! lol too funny

  • Melissa - We’ve been practicing throwing the leaves up in the air, and i think we’ve got it down pat. Did you want to do that one more time?- Haha

  • Todd Laffler - Yeah Melissa, just ONE more shot! Ok, ok, how about just one more? Ok, last one…PROMISE!!!! 🙂 Thanks guys!

  • angela laffler - How did you bribe this couple to bury themselves in leaves. They don’t look very extatic!

  • jay - oh, my (Egyptian) god 🙂

  • Nancy - Can’t wait to see more of Kristin and Juan! Very excited.

  • Rodrigo Vargas - Every time Todd… you blow my mind every fricking time! You are so incredibly creative! POW! AWESOME!

  • Maru - The preview is amazing!

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