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Keziah + Nick

Keziah and Nick had the most beautiful day for their wedding! When I got to Keziah’s mom’s house, my jaw just about dropped to the ground as it was basically sitting on a beautiful farm and a really old and unique house. In fact, inside was even more interesting, it looked like a really cool antique shop with all kinds of fun stuff around! I also got to catch up with one of my past brides too. I had photographed Nick’s brother, Ian’s wedding almost 2 years go, so it was great to see Kelly and Ian again! As it turns out, the MVD (Most Valuable Dancer) at Kelly and Ian’s wedding was ALSO the MVD at Keziah and Nick’s wedding as well! This guy is a real spark plug. I think you’ll figure out who he is as you look at the reception photos! Keziah and Nick had a wonderful day and it was my pleasure to photograph it. Congratulations you two!

The ceremony coverage was a bit unfortunate, as we found out on the spot that we weren’t allowed any further than the last row of pews!Yep! MVD!Take a long look at this photograph and try to really see everyone in it. This is not done in post-production, it is a single photograph as seen at the time of capture.

Cara Carlson - Awesome job! I felt like I was part of the party. LOVE the MVD shot!

Megan - Love them all! Been waiting for these to be posted and am definitely not disappointed! Beautiful KC!!

Keziah & Nick - OMG OMG! Todd…thank you sooooooo much! These photos are incredible..and agreed on the MVD! Love it!

KrisD Mauga - Todd~ You are killig me with talent! Luv it what a fabulous wedding! Happy Thanksgiving!

Fer Juaristi - amazing wedding!, see you in Mystic.

Hilary Vinas - Congratulations! Keziah you look beautiful and you both look so happy. I love your pictures!

Wendy - Thank you for sharing with me Keziah…..those are amazing photos and it was a wonderful day…..xo
Two of my favs…….the happy couple on the swing and the lovely bride in front of the red barn…Fabulous work!!

Kelly & Ian - Todd – You did an AMAZING job as usual! It was a beautiful wedding and you captured it perfectly! It was great to see you too!

Todd Laffler - Thanks so much everyone! :)

nadya - love them all, the ceremony ones came out great regardless of the restriction! Question, when you shoot the speeches, the light coming from behind is that something you setup or is that flash or ?? thanks!!

Harry Who - Love your style, Todd. What an amazing coverage of the Wedding. Felt it in my tummy. Great stuffs.

todd hunter mcgaw - dude.. you are off the chart! very slick work & you really know your light.. i’m wearing 11 hats & I’m taking them all off to you! LOVE.IT.

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Maggie + Mike | Sneaky Peeky

I can’t wait to blog this one! Maggie and Mike’s wedding at Congress Hall in Cape May NJ was AMAZING! Stay tuned photo peepers!

Maggie and Mike - You, Georgie and Allie were unbelievable!! Thank you SO much for all of your hard work!! We love you and Mike can’t wait to buy you another pint :0)

john arcara - Dude! radical man! totally radical!

angela laffler - The sunset photo is just amazing, how did you light it, was Maggie carrying a flashlight? Also love the shadows on the aisle. Wonderful photography Todd

Momma McGill - Okay, Todd, you will have to cover my medical bills….my heart just melted!! Seriously, if this is a sneak peak, I just can’t wait to see the other treasures. Thank you so much for capturing the love between Margaret and Mike on their special, wonderful day – truly beautiful work.

Reggie - Wow. Killer set. The last two in particular are remarkable. You’ve got a great eye for the singular shot that’s artistic but still eminently appealing. Always a pleasure viewing your work. Thanks.

stephanie somodi - Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!

Natalie Champa Jennings - That first shot is so unique and wonderful to look at. I really appreciate your style and lighting talent!

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Kristin + Jaun | Melissa + Jamie | Teasers

I couldn’t resist posting multiple teasers from my last wedding and e-session! I can’t wait to blog these two! The first 3 photos are from Kristin and Jaun’s wedding. The last two photos are from Melissa and Jamie’s e-session. Stick around!

nadya - cant wait to see more, that last one is crazy! lol too funny

Melissa - We’ve been practicing throwing the leaves up in the air, and i think we’ve got it down pat. Did you want to do that one more time?- Haha

Todd Laffler - Yeah Melissa, just ONE more shot! Ok, ok, how about just one more? Ok, last one…PROMISE!!!! :) Thanks guys!

angela laffler - How did you bribe this couple to bury themselves in leaves. They don’t look very extatic!

jay - oh, my (Egyptian) god :)

Nancy - Can’t wait to see more of Kristin and Juan! Very excited.

Rodrigo Vargas - Every time Todd… you blow my mind every fricking time! You are so incredibly creative! POW! AWESOME!

Maru - The preview is amazing!

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Teann + Dave

Teann and Dave are an uber cool couple who’s wedding I was privileged enough to photograph. And what better location for such an awesome couple than the amazing Osborn Castle in Garrison NY! I love this place! So many great spots to photograph, so anyone getting married at Osborne Castle in the future…umm, give me a jingle! Teann and Dave had a picture perfect day for their wedding, and everything went so smoothly. I especially liked Dave’s Nike sneakers too, I love when groom’s personalize their wedding day attire! Teann and Dave had a wonderful ceremony and reception surrounded by friends and family, followed by a chill bon fire! Congratulations guys!

Chanda - YAY! these pictures are awesome! the last silhouette one is amazing.

angela laffler - These photos are just incredible. Amazing shots – amazing photographer. xxx

Farng-Yang Foo - Wow… these pics really captured the moment.

Catherine H. Lee - Beautiful pictures!!

jay - genius!

amy - love it! blown away by all the amazing shots!!

john arcara - Dude, seriously!
how do you do it! These are amazing… & WOW a fire dragon ! holy hell!

Malini - Lovely pictures!! Looks like a lot of fun. And T – you look amazing!

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Cindy + Chris | Teaser

Just a quickie from Cindy and Chris’ wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing yesterday!

knot - this pic is superb!!

Chris and Cindy - Love it! :) :) Can’t wait to see the rest!


Jen - WOW. the angle of this shot is incredible! Amazing effect.

nadya - One word …AWESOME :)

Is this tilt shift? makes me dizzy a little @_@

Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone!

Nadya two words….THANK YOU! :) It is not a tilt shift image. It was almost the way I had wanted it out of camera, but it needed a little extra help in post-processing, so it sort of does have a tilt shift look to it. Sorry it made you dizzy, but at least you can’t say that my images don’t make you feel something! :P

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Callie + Nate

Callie and Nate are such a wonderful couple, it was such a joy photographing their wedding! Of course, it doesn’t hurt that their wedding took place at one of my favorite locations either,  Stonover Farm, in Lenox Massachusetts. It’s an incredible venue with so much rustic charm! I also had the pleasure of working with Nancy from Mezze catering/wedding planning as well, who always puts together such amazing weddings! Ok, back to Callie and Nate! These two were obviously in love with each other and it was just as obvious that they are surrounded by lots of other people who love them too! Their wedding was so casual, yet very sophisticated at the same time. It was my honor to photograph your wedding guys, congratulations!

I LOVE this 1st looks shot with Callie’s bridesmaids peering out the windows!Some details of the day.One of Callies guests came well equipped!Stubborn bubbles!These guys either know each other very well, or they are about to know each other really well!

Brandi - Love it from top to bottom.

Kay English - OMG these are just incredible!!! I love every single shot! (except the guy touching the other guys butt lol)

Alice - Holy Cow Todd, this post is like dying and going to Wedding Photography Heaven! Just for starters, that is one super duper ring shot! Really. What an amazing wedding, that you captured with your stellar vision and photography skills!

Rodrigo Vargas - Your weddings are full of win! Amazing as usual. Every single image.

nadya - Love thee the light is beautiful! You always have such a fun reception crowd!! Awesome wedding!

Susan Kargman - Todd,

Don’t know where to begin. The pictures are amazing and capture the wedding so perfectly for us. Your comment about it being both “so casual” and “sophisticated” at the same time seemed perfect for the fabulous Stonover Farm setting. Some “faves” — “Nate’s first look”, the tender forehead kiss, Callie on the staircase with her dress reflecting in the terrific “dress map” of New York (appropriate) on the wall, she and Nate under the chupa — (what was my brother (the officiant) saying to get those reactions?) and the bridesmaids behind the chupa, Siena (our great niece and flower girl from central casting) struggling with the bubbles, and none of us can even remember Nate up in the air like that (without the chair!) — when did that happen??? Also the “fish eye(?)” that got the whole bridal party, barn, and guests. We obviously loved them all!!

Thank you also for focusing on all the little details that Callie and I worked so hard on – it really helps create a complete memory of the day!!! (We thought we had some of the shots ourselves, but they are just not the same and it is our only picture of the cake which is obviously cut and eaten, ie. gone!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Warm regards, Susan (MOTB)

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