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Zoe + Emerson | Halloween 2010

The cutest little chickens in the world just so happen to also be my kids! My wife, Susan, deserves ALL the credit for these chicken costumes! She did an AMAZING job with these two knuckleheads! We had a great time trick-or-treating with Zoe and Emerson’s neighborhood “gang”! Zoe’s costume turned quite a few heads too!

Keri Zambelli - Todd your wife did an amazing job on Zoe’s costume! So adorable and clever! I love her feet! Hoped she enjoyed her Halloween!

susan kargman siegel - adorable pics-adorable costumes (kudos to Susan) adorable kids!!!! Thanks for the fun distractions while we are awaiting Callie and Nate’s pics to come up.

Warm regards Susan

Georgi Anastasov - hahah, awesome!!!

Todd Laffler - Thanks everyone, we had a blast!

Susan, I am working on Callie’s blog post now, it should be up in a few days, sorry for the wait! :(

Ben Stopforth - Great photos Todd and great costumes Susan, hope you are all well.
Lots of Love Ben, Ann Marie and Eva.

Ben Stopforth - ps – I love Emerson’s converse!

Aunt Norma & Uncle R - Ha Ha Ha Ha
I can’t believe how cute they look. The look on Emerson’s face says it all. He doesn’t have to speak. Best costumes since “Tiger Lil”.

Maggie McGill - Amazing costumes, I LOVE the Chucks!!! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks :o )

Naqib/Qippy - Hey Todd…Man Zoe & Emerson have really grown up sooooo quickly..always nice to come back here to be inspired…anyway if you have and iPhone4™ we should Facetime™ sometime hahah ;)

Todd Laffler - Thanks again everyone!

Naqib, yeah, I’ve found that the more we feed them, the more they just keep growing! :) No iPhone4 for me, but who knows, I may be due, as my current iPhone has a crack on the back of it, so we’ll see! :)

Tumbleweed Photography Studio - What creative ideas for kids costumes! They photographed wonderfully especially with the fall color background.

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Ariele + Peter

Ariele and Peter had an AMAZING wedding at one of my favorite venues to work at, The Crossed Keys Inn! The weather couldn’t have been more gorgeous and both Ariele and Peter looked incredible to boot. I knew instantly during their “first looks” that these two were MADLY in love! You can always tell when a couple is truly, truly in love when you don’t have to ever ask the couple to kiss because they just can’t help doing it throughout the day on their own! A lot of wedding photographers will ask the couple to stop as they are walking up the aisle together, and kiss. I’m sure I’ve done it a few times myself, but I hate doing it. Well, Ariele and Peter were just so in love with each other that it wasn’t necessary to ask them to “look” like they were madly love, they just are! I  love when I see this! It was an emotional filled day with lots of tears, laughter, dancing, and even some biting! Congratulations you two, it was my honor to photograph your wedding!

Their 1st looks!Ariele bites….… and Peter bites back!The bridal party waiting for the ceremony to begin.

jay - Amazing Todd!

Ariele - TODD! AMAZING! Oh my gosh. They are so amazing. Thank YOU for being part of our day and capturing it so beautifully! Amazing!

ryan - again i want to comment, but what haven’t i said? your work is so versatile. in this set you have captured the best candid images with so much emotion, but this set also has posed couple images that are transcendent from photography as art to true fine art (do you know what i’m trying to say?) simply, fabulous work.

JOEY & PETE - Never have I seen such artwork in photography. Beautiful bride, love stuck groom, such happiness it radiates from the photos. You rock Todd.

nadya - Ugh so beautiful! Your an amazing photographer!!

Todd Laffler - Aaawww shucks! Thanks everyone! :)

Katherine Rodriguez - Todd! As usual you captured the true essence of the couple and their day as well as the beauty of Crossed Keys.

Its always a pleasure working with you and we look forward to seeing you next season!

Wedding Coordinator
Crossed Keys Inn

Rodrigo Vargas - Hey Todd… I haven’t left a comment for a while but I still visit your site all the time. Not sure if I said this last time, but it was a shame I couldn’t make it to the States earlier this year. Would still love to meet up! Maybe next time. Oh, and back to the comment… as usual, absolutely amazing! :)

Santa Barbara Wedding Photography - Pics are awesome no doubt in saying and you are looking outstanding..

Mary Jo - These photos are so lovely. My favorite is the one with the tear on Ariele’s face. How did you manage to capture that? And I love the shoes on my red Chinese chest. Gorgeous!

Beautiful work. Really brings back the whole wonderful day. Thanks.

Tracy - Wow, these images are AMAZING! You clearly bust your butt to get the most creative, wonderful shots. Your enthusiasm is obvious. I can’t wait to see you speak at Mystic!

john arcara - holy hell! this is remarkable!
really bitchin’ man

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Keri + Tom | Teasers

Just two quick teasers from Keri and Tom’s e-session today out in Liberty State Park. Stay tuned!

jeff tisman - yo t,
AWESOME!!!! i was on the phone with a friend today driving home and saw that sunset and wished i had a shoot today… great shot!!!!!!

Todd Laffler - Thanks bro!!! Yeah, this sunset sort of sneaked up on me, I was busy shooting in the opposite direction, turned around for a second and said “ok, guys come this way, NOW!” :)

Lorraine Daley - Wow are so inspiring! Damn, you’re good.

Keri Zambelli - All I have to say is you are remarkable! I am blown away! Thank you so much!

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Lauren + Marcus | Teaser

I just got back from Lauren and Marcus’ uber awesome wedding at Skytop Lodge in PA. Here is a quick teaser to whet your whistle! Stay tuned!

Danielle - This is a beautiful picture. This is the best couple ever and I wish them happiness and joy for the rest of their lives.

Marcus - We love it. Keep em’ comming Todd!

Nicole - I can’t wait to see more! Great couple, great wedding!

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2 Weddings | 2 Teasers

We had another two awesome weddings this past weekend, so I wanted to share a teaser from each. The first photo comes from Antoinette and Jon’s wedding, and the second from Samantha and Matt’s. Stay tuned!

nichole - amazing…

Antoinette & Jon - OMG!!! That picture came out sooo good!!! We are so pumped to see the rest!Jon and I can’t stop imitating your awesome “HA HA HA!” Love, Antoinette & Jon

The Ritters :) - Todd!!!!! Amazing photo – glad you pulled us aside for this one and really excited to see the rest. Thanks again for being so patient. I know it was a chaotic day and at times it was like herding cats! Much love, Matt & Sammy

Tammy - WOW! Extraordinary photo! I showed this picture of Antoinette and Jon to my students, and they thought it was the cover of a magazine!

Erin - Awww Mr. and Mrs. Ritter – that picture is amazing!!! I cannot wait to see all of them!

Stepherz - That picture of Matt and Sammy…it’s just so magical. It makes me feel like I just finished reading a story about an enchanted forest where a prince and princess fell in love, and I’m looking at their happily ever after photo at the end of the book. Very, very well done!

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Kate + Eric

I had photographed Kate and Eric’s engagement session last year in NYC along with their cute little guy Nolan. Of course to me though, Nolan looked like a completely different kid when I saw him again at the wedding. Kids tend to do that don’t they, grow?! When I arrived to Kate’s prep location, I was happy to find all the ladies in high spirits! Then my phone rang! It turns out it was Kate, who was standing no more than 3 feet from me. I guess I had mentioned in a prior blog post about my interesting ring tone, so she called me to hear it for her self! Too funny! We had an awesome day, despite the fire alarm going off not once, but twice at the venue. As we were all standing outside we were treated to the fire brigade rushing in with sirens a blazin’ to “save” us! All was well though and the rest of the night went off without a hitch, and Kate and Eric’s friends came to PARTY! I had a great time guys, congratulations!

Kate couldn’t decide on a color of shoe to wear, so she bought every color! Kidding of course, these were the bridesmaids shoes!A can of hairspray always at the ready!Kate’s awesome feather bouquet!Check out Nolan during the ceremony!This little girl was so cute! When her mom asked her what she wanted to wear to the wedding she said, “a Tuxedo!”This was so funny. Nolan was getting a little grumpy about being photographed, so when he went to wipe a tear from his eye, the little girl’s dress went up as well!I loved these tall glass vases which had fish swimming around in them during the cocktail hour.This was one of the funniest “toasts” I’ve ever seen. Eric’s two best men created a hilarious video paying “tribute” to Eric!A little help from her friends!

Eric - Awesome Pictures Todd. Thanks again for everything! Anyone interested can check out the best man video at

Eric, Kate, & Nolan - LOVE THEM ALL!! thank you so much todd!! we love you!! I’m sure eric and i are one of your only couples who can honestly say we layed in bed and talked about you the morning after our wedding :) Love your work always!

Kat Forsyth - These are beyond amazing. Everytime I look at your work, I love it more! I’ve been following your blog for at least two years and I don’t know how you manage to make it better everytime, but you do! Awesome.

jeff - dude,
wtf!!!! awesome!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca - Yummo! And not just the first image. That one of her at the end of the hall, stunning!

davina + daniel - love you work todd. look forward to meeting you at mystic!

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Brooke + Brian

I had photographed Brooke and Brian’s engagement session last year in Westfield, so I already knew that Brooke and Brian were a great couple! Fast forward to their wedding, and somehow they got even greater! Brooke was in awesome spirits throughout the day, even when Brooke and Brian’s dog showed up a little too early for the ceremony! They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony followed by some non stop partying. I could tell Brooke and Brian had a great day, and it was my true honor to photograph their wedding. Congratulations you two!!!

One of the many faces of Brooke!

I loved this shot of Brook’s shoes, just utilizing their shadow!

You can’t expect Brooke to be THAT close to her makeup artist’s tummy bump and NOT cop a feel!

Brook’s mom apologized for unknowingly being in my shot, but I told her their was no need to apologize, I kind of liked it this way!

And here is the third star of the show, Brooke and Brian’s dog!

I liked how the ancor on the boat kind of looked like a heart, aawwww!

This kid OWNED MJ’s moves!

Brooke - Todd! the pics look GREAT! thanks for capturing the night in such an amazing way!

Tammy - What awesome pics! What was in the box the groom was holding when they were getting married? You are truly amazing!

Antoinette & Jon - Love the pics Todd! Jon and I are getting so excited for you to photograph our big day in 10 days!!!!

Maureen Cassidy Photography - UNREAL! seriously! I think I am going to get divorced and remarry in Jersey! you are crazy!!! amazing! when are you going to do a workshop? I have family in Philly and I will come make it.

Tim Wild - Awesome photos, you captured the emotion brilliantly! Great capture of Brooke’s many faces too, and just capturing the whole day so well.

Matthew Szoke - Gorgeous photos! I’m not in NJ too often, but I’ve shot a wedding at Clark’s Landing. I really like your take on the location. It keeps me energized when I see photos like yours. Well done!

Karin von Voigtlander - Your work is so delightful! Your blog is addictive.

Anne Weber - Wow!! I remember it being a beautiful day and you all look
fabulous!! Looked like a great party!!and the puppy looked
amazing…was that a surprise?? What a beautiful couple..!!

Alex - Dude, what an amazing set! That first shoe shot is pure brilliance. Keep inspiring.

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