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I couldn’t wait to blog Melissa and Hugo’s wedding, so much great stuff! Melissa and Hugo were such an awesome couple to work with, they were real troopers and gave me plenty of time for me to do my thang! Thanks for that guys, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have lots of time devoted for photography on wedding day. After a beautiful and sweet ceremony at Saint Stephen’s church in Kearny, we headed over to the Palace at Somerset Park. We timed it perfectly as the sun was getting lower and lower in the sky. We had gorgeous light, a loving couple, and time… slam dunk! Melissa and Hugo’s friends and family helped them celebrate on the dance floor all night long, and it looked like everyone there had a blast! Congratulations guys!

M=Melissa H=Hugo (Did I really have to type that?)

A couple of teasers from this past weekends amazing weddings! The first one is from Keziah and Nick’s wedding, and the second photograph is from Casey and Dejan’s. Stay tuned!!!!

Ok, first of all, DON’T adjust the color on your monitors! I purposely deviated from my usual post processing style for Cortney and Ryan’s wedding. I decided to process them all with a slightly muted, kind of faded look with bluer shadows and yellowy greenish highlights. It was actually a bit more challenging than I thought, and  I certainly struggled a bit with the post processing on this blog post. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about Cortney and Ryan! I did their e-session last winter in Hoboken and  knew then just how cool, laid back and in love they were. Yay! And although my day didn’t start so swell after my GPS took me about 50 minutes north of their venue, the Skytop Lodge in PA, after I triple timed it to get caught up, the rest of the day was smooth sailing! And let me just say that The Skytop Lodge is a really awesome venue out in Pennsylvania, and I really look forward to getting back there next month for another wedding. Cortney and Ryan were so great to work with, and they also gave me plenty of time to do my thing with them throughout the day! Yay! I loved how casual and low key their wedding was too! Thanks so much for letting me photograph your wedding guys, congratulations!

I’ll let you think of your own caption for this one!Cortney and her dad.Ryan and his mom.

Teann and Dave had the most beautiful day at Osborne Castle for their wedding. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come. Stay tuned….

F R E E   S T U F F