Zoe + Hose = Fun!

Oh man, I just love these photos of Zoe playing with the hose in the back yard! I know I’m biased, but I don’t care! It’s days like this that I am most thankful to be a photographer! Zoe loves playing with the hose, especially on the “Mist” setting. So, we were messing around in the back yard when the sun just got low enough to start back lighting the spray from the hose. I grabbed my camera and this is what happened…

Zoe likes to fill her rain boots up with water and then jump up as high as she can and see the water slosh out!This is probably my favorite photograph I have taken of Zoe to date!

  • ryan - she doesn’t look mischievous at all! 😉
    love your work with the sun here, especially the last one, great image.

  • jeff tisman - you’re hired!!! awesome shots man!!

  • Stephen Govel - that last shot is money. nice ones man!!!

  • Jay - Such great shots!

  • Jackie Hook - I love the child like innocence you caught in this picture, it makes you think of your own childhood days. Because of you she is going to have so many great memories to look back on.

  • moo - this series reminds how much i love summer and how awesome it is to be a kid.

  • pamela - Ok, I’ll stop stalking…you are AMAZING!! And your favorite of her is absolutely, distrubingly awesome! It’s photographers like you that fill me with such discomfort at the VAST knowledge and experience I have yet to gain.
    I’ve wasted way too much time at work looking at your beautiful images…can’t wait to be back!

  • Huy Nguyen - Precious!

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